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Inventory of Ecosystem Effects

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Provides an inventory of ecosystem benefits categories germane to reductions in nitrogen oxide emissions. The inventory is meant to encourage a broadening of the scope of benefits estimated for nitrogen oxide emissions reductions and to facilitate the valuation of ecosystem benefits. The valuation of ecosystem benefits associated with reductions in NOx emissions involves establishing four sets of linkages:
The first linkage was used to identify the extent and location of emission changes from the proposed regulation and to isolate geographically relevant ecosystem categories. This linkage was modeled by another contractor using the Urban Airshed Model and the Regional Transport Model. Building on the results of this modeling exercise, the remaining linkages involve characterizing the dynamics between nitrogen oxide emissions and ecosystems. This report addresses these linkages, presenting the results of a literature search on the physical effects of nitrogen oxides on ecosystems as well as a limited discussion of the types of information required to quantify and monetize the physical effects on various services by ecosystem categories.

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Date Linked: 05/28/2009

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