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Environmental Economics Report Inventory: by Title

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TitleReport /Research AuthorResearch Organization
Uncertainties in Estimates of the Costs and Benefits of Groundwater Remediation: Results of a Cost-Benefit Analysis (04/01/1989)Spofford Jr., Walter O.
Krupnick, Alan J.
Wood, Eric F.
Resources for the Future, Quality of the Environment Division
Unified Dataset for All Choice Decisions in Recreational Water Quality Survey: Addendum to Economics of Environmental Improvement (08/07/2009)Computer IconBell, JasonEnvironmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation, National Center for Environmental Economics
Unit Pricing of Residential Municipal Solid Waste: Lessons from Nine Case Study Communities (03/01/1996)Computer IconMiranda, Marie Lynn
Aldy, Joseph E.
Duke University
Unit Pricing of Residential Solid Waste: A Preliminary Analysis of 212 U.S. Communities (10/01/1997)Computer IconMiranda, Marie Lynn
LaPalme, Sharon
Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment
Unit Pricing Programs for Residential Municipal Solid Waste: An Assessment of the Literature (03/01/1996)Computer IconMiranda, Marie Lynn
Bauer, Scott D.
Aldy, Joseph E.
Duke University
Urban Air Pollution Damage Functions: Theory and Measurement (07/01/1971)Crocker, Thomas D.California at Riverside, University of, Department of Economics
Use of Benefit Information to Improve Individual Regulations, Volume III of Research and Demonstration of Improved Methods for Carrying Out Benefit-Cost Analysis of Individual Regulations (11/01/1984)Computer IconHarrison Jr., DavidHarvard University,
John F. Kennedy School of Government,
Energy and Environmental Policy Center
Use of Market-based Allocations to Meet Local Limits for Pretreatment: A report in Support of Clean Water Act Reauthorization (03/01/1994)Industrial Economics, Inc. and Science Applications International Corporation
Used Oil Law in the United States and Europe (07/01/1974)Irwin, William A.
Liroff, Richard A.
Environmental Law Institute
Uses and Outputs of U.S. Wetland Resources (04/30/1987)Environmental Law Institute
Using Census Tract Deomgraphics as Proxies for Individual Demographics in Analysis Using the Knowledge Networks Intaernet Panel (12/18/2007)Computer IconBell, JasonEnvironmental Protetion Agency, Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation, National Center for Environmental Economics
Using the Basic "Auto-Validation" Model to Assess the Effect of Environmental Quality on Texas Recreational Fishing Demand: Welfare Estimates (09/23/1988)Computer IconCameron, Trudy A.California at Los Angeles, University of, Department of Economics

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