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TitleReport /Research AuthorResearch Organization
Parking Management Strategies for Reducing Automobile Emissions (09/01/1976)Computer IconDern, J.
Cole, J.
Fallon, B.
Heller, J.
Hickey, S.
Holmes, J.
Sanson, R.
Pathogens and Swimming: An Economic Assessment of Beach Monitoring and ClosureEnvironomics, Inc.
Physical and Economic Damage Functions for Air Pollutants by Receptor (09/01/1976)Computer IconLiu, Ben-chieh
Yu, Eden Siu-hung
Midwest Research Institute
Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures: 1999 (11/01/2002)Computer IconU. S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census
Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures: 2005 (04/01/2008)Computer IconUS Census Bureau
Pollution Control Cost Analysis (11/01/1985)Braden, John B.
Lyon, Randolph M.
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of, Institute for Environmental Studies
Pollution Control Expenditure Estimates (07/01/1983)TCS Management Group, Inc.
Pollution Dose-Response Curves at the Micro LevelHay, Joel W.
Gareis, Joseph
Connecticut, University of, Health Center
Pollution Prevention Benefits Manual (10/01/1989)ICF Incorporated
Possible Health Effects of Increased Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation (05/01/1985)Sloss, Elizabeth M.
Rose, Thanne P.
RAND Corporation
Potential Reductions in Mortality Associated with Regional Reductions in Ambient Sulfate Levels: Benefit Estimates Derived from Four Cross-Sectonal Analyses and One Time Series Analysis (02/08/1985)Foster, SarahHarvard University, School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Science and Physiology
Practical Measurement of Ecosystem Services: Can We Standardize the Way We Count Nature’s Benefits? (07/06/2007)Computer IconBoyd, JimResources for the Future
Pre-Test Issues for the Valuation of Natural Ecosystem Effects Caused by Acid Deposition (10/02/1984)Energy and Resource Consultants, Inc.
Preservation Values for Visibility Protection at the National Parks (02/16/1990)Computer IconChestnut, Lauraine G.
Rowe, Robert D.
RCG/Hagler, Bailly, Inc.
Pricing Environmental Health Risks: Survey Assessments of Risk-Risk and Risk-Dollar Trade-offs (04/01/1989)Viscusi, W. Kip
Magat, Wesley A.
Huber, Joel
Northwestern University and Duke University
Private-Sector Cleanup Expenditures and Transaction Costs at 18 Superfund Sites (01/01/1993)Dixon, Lloyd S.
Drezner, Deborah
Hammitt, James K.
RAND Corporation
Problems in the Use of Toxicological Data for Human Risk AssessmentSmith, Martyn T.California at Berkeley, University of, School of Public Health, Environmental Health Sciences Program
Proceedings of a Symposium on Economic Approaches to Solid Waste Managment (05/01/1980)Anderson Jr., Robert J.Mathtech, Inc.
Proceedings of the Colloquium on Economics, Ecology, and Sustainability Policies (01/10/1995)Environmental Law Institute
Proceedings of the Conference on Cost, Innovation and Environmental Regulation: A Research and Policy Update (06/01/1999)Computer IconEnvironmental Law InstituteEnvironmental Law Institute
Proposed Economic Research Agenda: A Working Paper (12/01/1983)Environmental Law Institute
Public Knowledge and Perception of Chemical Risks in Six Communities: Analysis of a Baseline Survey (01/01/1990)McCallum, David B.
Hammond, Sharon Lee
Morris, Louis A.
Covello, Vincent T.
Georgetown University Medical Center Program on Risk Communication

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