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Environmental Economics Report Inventory: by Title (Downloadable)

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TitleReport /Research AuthorsResearch Organization
Water Quality Benefits: An Experimental Analysis of the Lakes at Okoboji, Iowa (05/28/1985)Computer Icond'Arge, Ralph C.Wyoming, University of,
Department of Economics, Resource and Environmental Economic Lagoratory
White Paper on Meeting the Challenges of Environmental Protection Together: Building Strong EPA-State Partnerships (10/20/2010)Computer IconAbt Associates, Inc. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, National Center for  Environmental Economics
Why a Different Approach Is Required If Global Climate Change Is to Be Controlled Efficiently or Even at All (06/01/2008)Computer IconCarlin, AlanEnvironmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation, National Center for Environmental Economics
Why Do Plants Comply with Environmental Regulations? The Importance of Enforcement Activity, Abatement Costs, and Community Pressure. (07/05/2009)Computer IconGray, WayneClark University
Why Policy Makers Don't Use Environmental Taxes (01/06/1994)Computer IconArnold, Frank S.Environmental Law Institute
Willingness to Pay for Environmental Health Risk Reductions When There are Varying Degrees of Life Expectancy: A White Paper (09/01/2006)Computer IconDockins, Chris
Maguire, Kelly
Simon, Nathalie
Willingness to Pay for National Freshwater Quality Improvements (10/01/1984)Computer IconMitchell, Robert Cameron
Carson, Richard T.
Resources for the Future, Quality of the Environment Division
Workshop on Using Contingent Valuation to Measure Non-Market Values: Transcript of Proceedings, May 19, 1994, Herndon, VA Transcript of Proceedings, May 20, 1994, Herndon, VA (05/20/1994)Computer IconOak Ridge National Laboratory and Martin Marietta Corporation

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