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Environmental Economics Report Inventory: by Title (Downloadable)

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Hazardous Wastes: A Risk Benefit Framework Applied to Cadmium and Asbestos (02/01/1977)Computer IconMoll, Kendall
Baum, Sanford
Carpender, Erwin
Dresch, Francis
Wright, Rose
Jones, George
Starry, Claire
Starrett, David
Stanford Research Institute
Heart Disease Patients' Averting Behavior, Costs of Illness, and Willingness to Pay to Avoid Angina Episodes - Final Report (10/01/1988)Computer IconChestnut, Lauraine G.
Colome, Steven D.
Keller, L. Robin
Lambert, William E.
Ostro, Bart
Rowe, Robert D.
Wojciechowski, Sandra L.
California at Irvine, University of

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