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Environmental Economics Report Inventory: by Title (Downloadable)

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Field and Laboratory Experiments on the Reliability of the Contingent Valuation Method, a volume of Improving Accuracy and Reducing Cost of Environmental Benefit Assessments Series (09/01/1993)Computer IconSchulze, William D.
McClelland, Gary H.
Schenk, David
Elliott, Steven R.
Boyce, Rebecca R.
Irwin, Julie R.
Stewart, Thomas
Slovic, Paul
Deck, Leland
Thayer, Mark A.
Colorado, University of, Institute for Policy Research
Five Studies on Non-Market Valuation Techniques, Volume III of Methods Development for Environmental Control Benefits AnalysisComputer IconBrookshire, David S.
Crocker, Thomas D.
d'Arge, Ralph C.
Schulze, William D.
Thayer, Mark A.
Gerking, Shelby D.
Wyoming, University of
Framework - Case Study Design for a Risk Benefit Analysis of Pesticides in the Special Review Process -- Draft Final Report for 1985 (01/24/1986)Computer IconZilberman, David
Lichtenberg, Erik
Western Consortium for the Health Professions, Inc.

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