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Environmental Economics Report Inventory: by Title (Downloadable)

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Deriving Benefit Measures with Higher Precision: A Study of Economic Values of Air Quality (01/01/2007)Computer IconHuang, Ju-ChinEnvironmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation, National Center for Environmental Economics and University of New Hampshire
Development of Probabilistic Socioeconomic Emissions Scenarios (11/01/2012)Computer IconAbt Associates, Inc.Abt Associates Inc.
Discounting in Environmental Policy Making (04/01/1997)Computer IconArnold, Frank S.
Sussman, Frances G.
Deck, Leland B.
ICF Incorporated/Abt Associates Subcontractor
Discounting Statistical Lives (03/01/1988)Computer IconHorowitz, John K.
Carson, Richard T.
California at San Diego, University of, Department of Economics

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