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The United States Experience with Economic Incentives in Environmental Pollution Control Policy

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With the current high level of interest in economic incentive mechanisms for environmental management, it is useful to examine the record to date. Over the past 20 years, federal, state, and local authorities as well as many foreign nations have enacted a diverse array of environmental incentive mechanisms. This report presents one of the most comprehensive surveys available of these mechanisms both in the United States and other countries, but attempts to go beyond enumerating them by examining several key issues: This report is an update and extension of a previous 1992 report, including many additional economic incentive instruments. A later and further updated version was issued in January, 2001. Links to the report records for both reports can be found under the report series listing above.
The report is divided into 11 sections as follows:
The report can be downloaded as four Adobe Acrobat files (see below).

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