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TitleReport /Research AuthorResearch Organization
1971 Survey and Assessment of Air Pollution Damage to Vegetation in New Jersey (10/01/1972)Feliciano, AlbertoEnvironmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, National Environmental Research Center
1972 Survey and Assessment of Air Pollution Damage to Vegetation in New Jersey (06/01/1973)Pell, Eva J.Rutgers University, College of Agriculture and Environmental Science, Cooperative Extension Service, Department of Plant Biology
A Bayesian Specification Analysis: An Application of Leamer's SEARCH to Air Pollution Aggregate Epidemiology (04/01/1983)Computer IconAtkinson, Scott E.
Crocker, Thomas D.
Murdock, Robert G.
Wyoming, University of
A Benefits Assessment of Water Pollution Control Programs Since 1972: Part 1, The Benefits of Point Source Controls for Conventional Pollutants in Rivers and Streams (01/01/2000)Computer IconBingham, Tayler H.
Bondelid, Timothy R.
Depro, Brooks M.
Figueroa, Ruth C.
Hauber, A. Brett
Unger, Suzanne J.
Van Houtven, George L.
Research Triangle Institute
A Bibliography of Social Science and Related Literature (02/01/1974)Morrison, Denton E.
Hornback, Kenneth E.
Warner, W. Keith
Michigan State University
A Case Study of a Hazardous Waste Site: Perspectives from Economics and Psychology, Volume IV of Improving Accuracy and Reducing the Costs of Environmental Benefits Assessments (05/01/1986)Computer IconSchulze, William D.
McClelland, Gary H.
Hurd, Brian
Smith, Joy
Colorado, University of, Departments of Economics and Psychology
A Case Study of Effects of Acidic Air Pollutants on Crop Yields (11/01/1981)Computer IconMendelsohn, Robert
Shea, G. Bradford
Northwest Environmental Consultants, Inc.
A Comparative Analysis of Macro Epidemiological StudiesAtkinson, Scott E.Wyoming, University of, Department of Economics
A Comparison of Alternative Approaches for Estimating Recreation and Related Benefits of Water Quality Improvements (03/01/1983)Computer IconDesvousges, William H.
Smith, V. Kerry
McGivney, Matthew P.
Research Triangle Institute
A Compoarison of Dichotomous Choice and Open Ended Contingent Values with Auction Values: A Laboratory Expleriment (11/01/1994)Balistreri, Edward
McClelland, Gary
Schulze, William
Colorado, University of, Center for Economic Analysis
A Computer Simulation Model for Analyzing Mobile Source Air Pollution Control Strategies (09/01/1976)Mathtech, Inc.
A Cost Evaluation of Alternative Air Quality Control Strategies (01/01/1974)Computer IconAtkinson, Scott E.
Lewis, Donald H.
Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, Washington Environmental Research Center
A Demonstration of Areawide Water Resources PlanningSpooner, Charles S.
Promise, John
Graham, Phillip H.
Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
A Framework for Measuring the Economic Benefits of Ground Water (10/01/1995)Computer IconBoyle, Kevin J.
Bergstrom, John C.
Job, Charles
Kealy, Mary Jo
Bergman, Ron
Ankrah, Rodges
Ali, Ghulum
Alsadek, Jihad
Ballard, Gary
Daub, Vivian
Dziuban, Jacolyn
Howes, Richard
Schulze, Susan
Environmental Protection Agency
A Framework for Reviewing EPA's State Administrative Cost Estimates: A Case Study (09/14/2007)Computer IconAbt Associates
A Handbook on Scrap Futures Markets and Futures Trading (03/01/1980)Dower, Roger C.
Anderson, Robert C.
Environmental Law Institute
A Health Econometric Study of Diary Studies of Air Pollution and Health (11/01/1988)Computer IconWypij, David
Ware, James H.
Schwartz, Joel
Harvard University, School of Public Health
A Methodological Approach to an Economic Analysis of the Beneficial Outcomes of Water Quality: Improvement from Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrading and Combined Sewer Overflow Controls (11/01/1985)Computer IconMeta Systems, Inc.Meta Systems, Inc.
A Model Estimating the Economic Impacts of Current Levels of Acidification on Recreational Fishing in the Adirondack Mountains (05/01/1985)Computer IconViolette, Daniel M.Energy and Resource Consultants, Inc.
A Monte-Carlo Approach to Including Uncertainty in Regulatory Risk Analysis: Reanalysis of DBCP Cancer Risk for Fresno County, California (06/22/1984)Computer IconBogen, Kenneth T.
Spear, Robert C.
California at Berkeley, University of, School of Public Health, Environmental Health Sciences Program
A Multivariate Characterization of Risk (12/01/1990)Carson, Richard T.
Horowitz, John K.
California at San Diego, University of, Department of Economics
A Preliminary Assessment of Air Pollution Damages for Selected Crops Within Southern California, Volume III of Methods Development for Assessing Air Pollution Control Benefits (02/01/1979)Computer IconAdams, Richard M.
Crocker, Thomas D.
Thanavibulchai, Narongsakdi
Wyoming, University of
A Preliminary Assessment of the Benefits of Reducing Formaldehyde Exposures (10/01/1984)Bingham, Tayler H.
Lohr, Luanne
Research Triangle Institute
A Profile of Tax Subsidies and Investment Behavior in Six Major Polluting Industries (07/03/1997)Michaels, Greg
Akeson, Lisa
Wenner, Mark
Michaeli, Jonathan
Abt Associates, Inc.
A Program of Economics Research on Improving Estimation of Benefits from Reduced Pollution (02/01/1981)Computer IconResources for the Future
A Projection of the Effectiveness and Costs of a National Tax on Sulfur Emissions (11/01/1973)Computer IconBingham, Tayler H.
Cooley, Philip C.
Fogel, Mark E.
Johnson, Donald R.
Lesourd, David A.
Miedema, Allen K.
Paddock, Richard E.
Simons, Jr., Mayrant
Wisler, Macmillan M.
Research Triangle Institute
A Quantitative Method for Effluent Compliance Monitoring Resource Allocation (09/01/1975)Computer IconCohen, Arthur I.
Bar-Shalom, Yaakov
Winkler, Wendy
Grimsrud, G. Paul
Systems Control, Inc,
A Regional Assessment of the Economic and Environmental Benefits of an Irrigation Scheduling Service (04/01/1980)English, Marshall J.
Horner, Gerald L.
Orlob, Gerald T.
Erpenbeck, Joseph
Moehlman, Michael
Cuenaca, Richard H.
Dudek, Daniel J.
California, University of, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economics, Statistics and Cooperative Service, Natural Resource Economic Division

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