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Environmental Economics Report Inventory: by Purpose

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AN ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF THE BENEFITS AND COSTS OF THE CLEAN AIR ACT 1970 TO 1990: Revised Report of Results and Findings (08/01/2002)Computer IconJorgenson, Dale W.
Goettle, Richard J.
Benefits of Environmental Information Disclosure (05/11/2011)Computer IconCompiled by SCG Corp
Benefits Transfer and Valuation Databases: Are We Heading in the Right Direction? (03/22/2005)Computer Icon
Eleventh Occasional California Workshop on Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (10/09/2009)Kolstad, Charlie, host
EPA Handbook on the Benefits, Costs, and Impacts of Land Cleanup and ReuseComputer IconKlemick, Heather
Jenkins, Robin
Matthews, Lura
Creason, Jared
Kopits, Elizabeth
Marten, Alex
Simpson, David
Walsh, Patrick
Haninger, Kevin
OMB Submittal Package for Estimating Recreation Benefits of Water Quality: A Pilot Stidy om tje Pemmsylvania Monongahela River Basin (09/02/1981)
Semi-parametric Discrete Choice Measures of Willingness to Pay (01/01/2007)Computer IconHuang, Ju-Chin
Nychka, Douglas W.
Smith, V. Kerry
Valuing Mortality Risk Reductions for Environmental Policy: A White Paper Computer IconNational Center for Environmental Economics

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