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Environmental Economics Report Inventory: by Purpose

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A Bayesian Specification Analysis: An Application of Leamer's SEARCH to Air Pollution Aggregate Epidemiology (04/01/1983)Computer IconAtkinson, Scott E.
Crocker, Thomas D.
Murdock, Robert G.
A Comparative Analysis of Macro Epidemiological StudiesAtkinson, Scott E.
A Comparison of Alternative Approaches for Estimating Recreation and Related Benefits of Water Quality Improvements (03/01/1983)Computer IconDesvousges, William H.
Smith, V. Kerry
McGivney, Matthew P.
A Compoarison of Dichotomous Choice and Open Ended Contingent Values with Auction Values: A Laboratory Expleriment (11/01/1994)Balistreri, Edward
McClelland, Gary
Schulze, William
A Computer Simulation Model for Analyzing Mobile Source Air Pollution Control Strategies (09/01/1976)
A Health Econometric Study of Diary Studies of Air Pollution and Health (11/01/1988)Computer IconWypij, David
Ware, James H.
Schwartz, Joel
A Methodological Approach to an Economic Analysis of the Beneficial Outcomes of Water Quality: Improvement from Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrading and Combined Sewer Overflow Controls (11/01/1985)Computer IconMeta Systems, Inc.
A Monte-Carlo Approach to Including Uncertainty in Regulatory Risk Analysis: Reanalysis of DBCP Cancer Risk for Fresno County, California (06/22/1984)Computer IconBogen, Kenneth T.
Spear, Robert C.
A Multivariate Characterization of Risk (12/01/1990)Carson, Richard T.
Horowitz, John K.
A Program of Economics Research on Improving Estimation of Benefits from Reduced Pollution (02/01/1981)Computer Icon
A Quantitative Method for Effluent Compliance Monitoring Resource Allocation (09/01/1975)Computer IconCohen, Arthur I.
Bar-Shalom, Yaakov
Winkler, Wendy
Grimsrud, G. Paul
A Review and Critique of Tolley, Randall et al., "Establishing and Valuing the Effects of Improved Visibility in the Eastern United States" (10/01/1986)Fischhoff, Baruch
A Subject Reference: Benefit-Cost Analysis of Toxic Substances, Hazardous Materials and Solid Waste Control (03/04/1977)CONSAD Research Corporation
A Synthesis of Contingent Valuation Studies of the Value of Atmospheric VisibilityCrocker, Thomas D.
A Technical Analysis of Economic-Based Regulation in Environmental Rulemaking (12/01/1983)Computer IconDower, Roger C.
Henderson, Timothy
Marvin, Mary Jean
Reed, Phillip D.
Ritts, Leslie Sue
Trauberman, Jeffrey
Achieving Greater Consistency Between Subjective and Objective Risks (04/01/1989)Bord, Richard J.
Epp, Donald J.
O'Connor, Robert E.
Additional Explication of Methods for Measuring Non-use Values: A Contingent Valuation Study of Groundwater Cleanup: Memorandum to the Science Advisory Board Environmental Economics Advisory Committee (06/29/1993)Computer IconMcClelland, Gary H.
Schulze, William D.
Lazo, Jeffrey K.
Advancing the Theory and Methods for Understanding Employment Effects of Environmental RegulationComputer IconBartik, Timothy J.
Belova, Anna
Gray, Wayne B.
Kuminoff, Nicolai
Linn, Joshua
Morgenstern, Richard D.
Schoellman, Todd
Timmins, Christopher
Shimer, Robert
Rogerson, Richard
AERE Workshop on Recreation Demand Modeling (07/10/1985)Computer IconMorey, Edward
Rowe, Robert D.
Smith, V. Kerry
Aggregate Environmental Epidemiology: Retrospect and Prospect (01/01/1983)Sharefkin, Mark F.
Carson, Richard T.
Aggregation Problems in Benefits Estimation: A Simulation ApproachVaughan, William J.
Mullahy, John
Hewitt, Julie A.
Hazilla, Michael
Russell, Clifford S.
Air Pollution and Disease: An Evaluation of the NAS Twins, Volume V of Methods Development in Measuring Benefits of Environmental Improvementsd'Arge, Ralph C.
Kask, Susan B.
Case, James C.
Ben-David, Shaul
Eubanks, Larry
Anderson, Curtis L.
Alternative Assessment Methods for Benefits of Acid Deposition ControlCrocker, Thomas D.
An Analytical Basis for Valuing Potential and Realized Groundwater Protection Benefits in the State of Wyoming (07/01/1988)Crocker, Thomas D.
Forester, Bruce A.
Shogren, Jason F.
An Economic Analysis of Air Pollution and Health: The Case of St. Louis, Volume VI of Methods Development in Measuring Benefits of Environmental ImprovementsComputer IconGerking, Shelby D.
Stanley, Linda R.
Weirick, William N.
An Evaluation of Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (05/18/1993)Computer IconArnold, Frank S.
An Evaluation of Marketable Effluent Permit Systems (09/01/1974)Computer IcondeLucia, Russell J.

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