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A Bayesian Specification Analysis: An Application of Leamer's SEARCH to Air Pollution Aggregate Epidemiology (04/01/1983)Computer IconAtkinson, Scott E.
Crocker, Thomas D.
Murdock, Robert G.
A Benefits Assessment of Water Pollution Control Programs Since 1972: Part 1, The Benefits of Point Source Controls for Conventional Pollutants in Rivers and Streams (01/01/2000)Computer IconBingham, Tayler H.
Bondelid, Timothy R.
Depro, Brooks M.
Figueroa, Ruth C.
Hauber, A. Brett
Unger, Suzanne J.
Van Houtven, George L.
A Case Study of a Hazardous Waste Site: Perspectives from Economics and Psychology, Volume IV of Improving Accuracy and Reducing the Costs of Environmental Benefits Assessments (05/01/1986)Computer IconSchulze, William D.
McClelland, Gary H.
Hurd, Brian
Smith, Joy
A Case Study of Effects of Acidic Air Pollutants on Crop Yields (11/01/1981)Computer IconMendelsohn, Robert
Shea, G. Bradford
A Comparative Analysis of Macro Epidemiological StudiesAtkinson, Scott E.
A Comparison of Alternative Approaches for Estimating Recreation and Related Benefits of Water Quality Improvements (03/01/1983)Computer IconDesvousges, William H.
Smith, V. Kerry
McGivney, Matthew P.
A Compoarison of Dichotomous Choice and Open Ended Contingent Values with Auction Values: A Laboratory Expleriment (11/01/1994)Balistreri, Edward
McClelland, Gary
Schulze, William
A Computer Simulation Model for Analyzing Mobile Source Air Pollution Control Strategies (09/01/1976)
A Cost Evaluation of Alternative Air Quality Control Strategies (01/01/1974)Computer IconAtkinson, Scott E.
Lewis, Donald H.
A Demonstration of Areawide Water Resources PlanningSpooner, Charles S.
Promise, John
Graham, Phillip H.
A Framework for Measuring the Economic Benefits of Ground Water (10/01/1995)Computer IconBoyle, Kevin J.
Bergstrom, John C.
Job, Charles
Kealy, Mary Jo
Bergman, Ron
Ankrah, Rodges
Ali, Ghulum
Alsadek, Jihad
Ballard, Gary
Daub, Vivian
Dziuban, Jacolyn
Howes, Richard
Schulze, Susan
A Framework for Reviewing EPA's State Administrative Cost Estimates: A Case Study (09/14/2007)Computer Icon
A Health Econometric Study of Diary Studies of Air Pollution and Health (11/01/1988)Computer IconWypij, David
Ware, James H.
Schwartz, Joel
A Model Estimating the Economic Impacts of Current Levels of Acidification on Recreational Fishing in the Adirondack Mountains (05/01/1985)Computer IconViolette, Daniel M.
A Monte-Carlo Approach to Including Uncertainty in Regulatory Risk Analysis: Reanalysis of DBCP Cancer Risk for Fresno County, California (06/22/1984)Computer IconBogen, Kenneth T.
Spear, Robert C.
A Preliminary Assessment of Air Pollution Damages for Selected Crops Within Southern California, Volume III of Methods Development for Assessing Air Pollution Control Benefits (02/01/1979)Computer IconAdams, Richard M.
Crocker, Thomas D.
Thanavibulchai, Narongsakdi
A Projection of the Effectiveness and Costs of a National Tax on Sulfur Emissions (11/01/1973)Computer IconBingham, Tayler H.
Cooley, Philip C.
Fogel, Mark E.
Johnson, Donald R.
Lesourd, David A.
Miedema, Allen K.
Paddock, Richard E.
Simons, Jr., Mayrant
Wisler, Macmillan M.
A Regional Assessment of the Economic and Environmental Benefits of an Irrigation Scheduling Service (04/01/1980)English, Marshall J.
Horner, Gerald L.
Orlob, Gerald T.
Erpenbeck, Joseph
Moehlman, Michael
Cuenaca, Richard H.
Dudek, Daniel J.
A Retrospective Assessment of the Costs of the Clean Water Act:1972 to 1997 (10/01/2000)Computer IconVan Houtven, George L.
Brunnermeier, Smita B.
Buckley, Mark C.
A Review and Critique of Tolley, Randall et al., "Establishing and Valuing the Effects of Improved Visibility in the Eastern United States" (10/01/1986)Fischhoff, Baruch
A Stated Preference Approach, Volume I of Economic Valuation of Mortality Risk Reduction (11/01/2004)Computer IconSchulze, William
Chestnut, Loraine G.
Rowe, Robert D.
Lazo, Jeffrey K.
Breffle, William S.
A Study of the Measurement and Distribution of Costs and Benefits of Water Pollution Control (11/01/1973)Computer IconRoberts, Marc J.
A Summary of the Benefit-Cost Analyses of the Final Effluent Limitation Guidelines for the Organic Chemicals, Plastics, and Synthetic Fibers Industry: Final Report (05/06/1987)Raucher, Robert
Addendum to Oxidants and Asthmatics in Los Angeles: A Benefits Analysis (03/01/1986)Computer IconRowe, Robert D.
Chestnut, Lauraine G.
Additional Explication of Methods for Measuring Non-use Values: A Contingent Valuation Study of Groundwater Cleanup: Memorandum to the Science Advisory Board Environmental Economics Advisory Committee (06/29/1993)Computer IconMcClelland, Gary H.
Schulze, William D.
Lazo, Jeffrey K.
AERE Workshop on Recreation Demand Modeling (07/10/1985)Computer IconMorey, Edward
Rowe, Robert D.
Smith, V. Kerry
Air Pollution and Acute Health Effects: New Evidence (12/01/1986)Krupnick, Alan J.
Harrington, Winston
Ostro, Bart
Air Pollution and Health in Washington DC: Some Acute Health Effects of Air Pollution in the Washington Metropolitan Area (07/01/1977)Computer IconSeskin, Eugene P.

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