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Show details for a. Air - Indoora. Air - Indoor
Show details for a. Air - Mobile Sourcea. Air - Mobile Source
Show details for a. Air - Noisea. Air - Noise
Show details for a. Air - Othera. Air - Other
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Hide details for a. Air - Stratospherica. Air - Stratospheric
Alternative Fuels and US Automobile Manufacturers, part of Field Study Series on Environment and Industrial Competitiveness (01/01/1992)Computer IconManagement Institute for Environment and Business
Competitive Implications of Environmental Regulation: A Case Study on Dow Chemical Company and 1,1,1 (06/01/1996)Computer IconSvoboda, Susan M.Management Institute for Environment and Business
Contractor Memoranda re Incentive Approaches (Including Auction) for Phaseout of Stratospheric Ozone Depleters (04/21/1988)Kolb, Jeff
Sessions, Stu
Sobotka, Stephen
Sobotka & Company, Inc.
Economic Assessment of the Impacts of Cataracts (03/01/1987)Computer IconRowe, Robert D.
Neithercut, Tina N.
Schulze, William D.
Colorado, University of, and Energy and Resource Consultants
Estimating and Valuing Morbidity in a Policy Context: Proceedings of June 1989 AERE Workshop (08/01/1989)Computer IconArthur, W. Brian
Calhoun, Charles
Crocker, Thomas D.
Cropper, Maureen L.
Dickie, Mark
French, Michael
Gerking, Shelby D.
Hoffman, Daniel A.
Huber, Joel
Krupnick, Alan J.
Lichtenberg, Erik
Magat, Wesley A.
Mauskopf, Hosephine
Miller, Ted R.
Murdoch, James
Pitcher, Hugh
Schechter, Mordechai
Shogren, Jason F.
Spear, Robert C.
Thayer, Mark A.
Viscusi, W. Kip
Zilberman, David
Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE)
Possible Health Effects of Increased Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation (05/01/1985)Sloss, Elizabeth M.
Rose, Thanne P.
RAND Corporation
Sector Study: Incremental National Pollution Control Costs and Benefits Summary (07/01/1988)Computer IconEnvironmental Law Institute
Stratospheric Ozone Depletion, Skin Damage Risks, and Protective Action (01/01/1999)Computer IconDickie, Mark
Gerking, Shelby D.
Wyoming, University of, Department of Economics and Finance
The Benefits and Costs of the Clean Air Act, 1970 to 1990 (10/01/1997)Computer IconEnvironmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation and Office of Air and Radiation
The Benefits of Reducing the Incidence of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers: A Defensive Expenditures ApproachMurdoch, James
Thayer, Mark A.
The Economics of Managing Chlorofluorocarbons: Stratospheric Ozone and Climate Issues (08/01/1982)Cumberland, John H.
Hibbs, James R.
Hoch, Irving
Resources for the Future
The Health Costs of Skin Cancer Caused by Ultraviolet Radiation (02/01/1987)Mitchell, B.M.
Vernon, J.R.
RAND Corporation
The New Challenge to Cost-Benefit Analysis: How Sound Is the Opponents' Empirical Case (10/01/2005)Carlin, Alan
Why a Different Approach Is Required If Global Climate Change Is to Be Controlled Efficiently or Even at All (06/01/2008)Computer IconCarlin, AlanEnvironmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation, National Center for Environmental Economics
Show details for a. Air - Tropospherica. Air - Tropospheric
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Show details for b. Water - Drinkingb. Water - Drinking
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Show details for b. Water - Otherb. Water - Other
Show details for b. Water - Surfaceb. Water - Surface
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Show details for c. Land - Otherc. Land - Other

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