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A Computer Simulation Model for Analyzing Mobile Source Air Pollution Control Strategies (09/01/1976)Mathtech, Inc.
Addendum to Oxidants and Asthmatics in Los Angeles: A Benefits Analysis (03/01/1986)Computer IconRowe, Robert D.
Chestnut, Lauraine G.
Energy and Resource Consultants, Inc.
Air Pollution and Health in Washington DC: Some Acute Health Effects of Air Pollution in the Washington Metropolitan Area (07/01/1977)Computer IconSeskin, Eugene P.National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.
Alternative Fuels and US Automobile Manufacturers, part of Field Study Series on Environment and Industrial Competitiveness (01/01/1992)Computer IconManagement Institute for Environment and Business
An Examination of Benefits and Costs of Achieving Ambient Standards in the South Coast Air BasinThayer, Mark
Schulze, William D.
Wyoming, University of, Resource and Environmental Economics Laboratory
An Examination of Benefits and Costs of Using Mobile Source Control to Achieve Ambient Standards in the South Coast Air BasinThayer, Mark A.Wyoming, University of
Assessing the Benefits of Policies Designed to Reduce Acid Deposition: A Decision Analytic Benefit-Cost Framework (04/21/1982)Violette, Daniel M.
Peterson, Donald C.
Energy and Resource Consultants, Inc.
Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition Loadings to the Chesapeake Bay: An Initial Analysis of the Cost Effectiveness of Control Options (11/01/1996)Computer IconE.H. Pechan and Associates, Inc.
Automobile Emission Averaging: Final Report (01/12/1984)TCS Management Group, Inc.
Broadening the Comparison of Gasoline Taxes and Cafe Standards: Discounting and Valuations of Vehicle Safety Changes (08/01/1993)Computer IconDreyfus, MarkDuke University, Department of Economics
Case Studies of Transit Energy and Air Pollution Impacts (05/01/1976)Curry, James P.De Leuw, Cather & Company
Choosing Environmental Policy: Comparing Instruments and Outcomes in the United States and Europe (01/01/2004)Harrington, Winston
Morgenstern, Richard D.
Sterner, Thomas
Resources for the Future
Choosing Regulatory Targets and Instruments, with Applications to Benzene (06/01/1981)Nichols, Albert L.Harvard University
Comparisons of Estimated and Actual Pollution Control Capital Expenditures for Selected Industries (06/01/1980)Computer IconPutnam, Hayes and Bartlett, Inc.
Control Strategy Evaluation Using Models (05/01/1972)Lewis, Donald H.
Plotkin, Steven E.
Environmental ProtectionAgency, Office of Research and Monitoring, Implementation Research Division, Standards Research Branch
Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Federal Emission Standards from Gasoline-powered Light-duty Vehicles (04/09/1984)Chmelynski, Harry J.Jack Faucett Associates
Cost-effectiveness of Automobile Inspection/maintenace Programs (03/16/1981)TCS Management Group
Cost of Air Pollution Damage: A Status Report (02/01/1973)Barrett, Larry B.
Waddell, Thomas E.
Environmental Protection Agency, National Environmental Research Laboratory, Research Triangle Park
Costs and Benefits of Reducing Lead in Gasoline: Final Regulatory Impact Analysis (02/01/1985)Computer IconSchwartz, Joel
Pitcher, Hugh
Levin, Ronnie
Ostro, Bart
Nichols, Albert L.
Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation
Economic Analysis of Separating Testing and Repair under Enhanced I&MSobotka & Company, Inc.
Economic Benefits of Controlling the Effects of Environmental Pollution on Children's Health, Volume VII of Methods Development in Measuring Benefits of Environmental ImprovementsComputer IconNeedleman, Herbert L.
Atkinson, Scott E.
Crocker, Thomas D.
Murdock, Robert G.
Wyoming, University of, Department of Economics and Institute for Policy Research
Economic Incentive Approaches to Air Pollution Control (02/01/1981)Smith, Jr., Willard
Lorang, Rodney
Sobotka and Company, Inc.
Environmental Investments: The Cost of a Clean Environment, Report of the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to the Congress of the United States. (11/01/1990)Computer IconEnvironmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation, Science, Economics, and Statistics Division
Environmentally Responsible Energy Pricing (11/16/1992)Computer IconViscusi, W. Kip
Magat, Wesley A.
Carlin, Alan
Dreyfus, Mark
Gentry, William
Duke University
Environmentally Responsible Energy Pricing [Summary] (05/12/1993)Computer IconViscusi, W. Kip
Magat, Wesley A.
Carlin, Alan
Dreyfus, Mark
Duke University
Estimating Benefits of Environmental Regulations for Improved Decision Making at EPA (06/01/1984)Computer IconEnvironmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation, Office of Policy Anaylsis, Economic Analysis Division, Benefits Staff
Estimating Benefits of Reducing Community Low-Level Ozone Exposure: A Feasibility Study, Volume III of Experimental Methods for Assessing Environmental BenefitsGerking, Shelby D.
Coulson, Anne
Schulze, William D.
Tashkin, Donald
Anderson, Donald
Dickie, Mark
Brookshire, David S.
Wyoming, University of, Institute for Policy Research

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