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Show details for a. Aira. Air
Show details for a. Air - Indoora. Air - Indoor
Show details for a. Air - Mobile Sourcea. Air - Mobile Source
Show details for a. Air - Noisea. Air - Noise
Show details for a. Air - Othera. Air - Other
Show details for a. Air - Radiationa. Air - Radiation
Show details for a. Air - Stationary Sourcea. Air - Stationary Source
Show details for a. Air - Stratospherica. Air - Stratospheric
Show details for a. Air - Tropospherica. Air - Tropospheric
Show details for b. Waterb. Water
Show details for b. Water - Drinkingb. Water - Drinking
Show details for b. Water - Groundwaterb. Water - Groundwater
Show details for b. Water - Otherb. Water - Other
Show details for b. Water - Surfaceb. Water - Surface
Show details for c. Landc. Land
Show details for c. Land - Otherc. Land - Other
Show details for c. Land - Solid Waste/RCRAc. Land - Solid Waste/RCRA
Show details for c. Land - Superfund/CERCLAc. Land - Superfund/CERCLA
Show details for d. Chemicalsd. Chemicals
Show details for d. Chemicals - Pesticidesd. Chemicals - Pesticides
Show details for d. Chemicals - Toxic Substancesd. Chemicals - Toxic Substances
Show details for e. Ecosystemse. Ecosystems
Show details for f. Multimediaf. Multimedia
Hide details for g. Otherg. Other
Discounting in Environmental Policy Making (04/01/1997)Computer IconArnold, Frank S.
Sussman, Frances G.
Deck, Leland B.
ICF Incorporated/Abt Associates Subcontractor
Economic Disincentives for Pollution Control: Legal, Political and Administrative Dimensions (07/01/1974)Irwin, William A.
Liroff, Richard A.
Environmental Law Institute
Estimating and Valuing Morbidity in a Policy Context: Proceedings of June 1989 AERE Workshop (08/01/1989)Computer IconArthur, W. Brian
Calhoun, Charles
Crocker, Thomas D.
Cropper, Maureen L.
Dickie, Mark
French, Michael
Gerking, Shelby D.
Hoffman, Daniel A.
Huber, Joel
Krupnick, Alan J.
Lichtenberg, Erik
Magat, Wesley A.
Mauskopf, Hosephine
Miller, Ted R.
Murdoch, James
Pitcher, Hugh
Schechter, Mordechai
Shogren, Jason F.
Spear, Robert C.
Thayer, Mark A.
Viscusi, W. Kip
Zilberman, David
Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE)
Implementation Opportunities for Economic Incentives for Environmental Pollution Control (03/01/1993)Computer IconEnvironmental Law Institute
Market Transactions and Hypothetical Demand Data: A Comparative Study (07/01/1985)Computer IconDickie, Mark
Fisher, Ann
Gerking, Shelby D.
Wyoming, University of,
Modeling the Oil Transition: A Summary of the Proceedings of the DOE/EPA Workshop on the Economic and Environmental Implications of Global Energy Transitions (02/01/2007)Computer IconGreene, David L., editorOak Ridge National Laboratory

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