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Show details for a. Air - Indoora. Air - Indoor
Show details for a. Air - Mobile Sourcea. Air - Mobile Source
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Show details for a. Air - Othera. Air - Other
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Show details for c. Land - Otherc. Land - Other
Show details for c. Land - Solid Waste/RCRAc. Land - Solid Waste/RCRA
Show details for c. Land - Superfund/CERCLAc. Land - Superfund/CERCLA
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A Monte-Carlo Approach to Including Uncertainty in Regulatory Risk Analysis: Reanalysis of DBCP Cancer Risk for Fresno County, California (06/22/1984)Computer IconBogen, Kenneth T.
Spear, Robert C.
California at Berkeley, University of, School of Public Health, Environmental Health Sciences Program
Alternatives to Methyl Bromide (09/30/1993)ICF Incorporated
Analysis of Economic Benefits of Improved Information (01/01/1987)Viscusi, W. Kip
Magat, Wesley A.
Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, Center for the Study of Business Regulation
Benefit Methodologies Applied to Ecological Hazards from Toxic Substances, Volume II of Research and Demonstration of Improved Methods for Carrying Out Benefit-Cost Analysis of Individual Regulation (11/01/1984)Computer IconHarrison Jr., DavidHarvard University,
John F. Kennedy School of Government,
Energy and Environmental Policy Center
Benefits Assessment at EPA: A Characterization and Evaluation (06/22/1984)Lichtenberg, Erik
Zilberman, David
Western Consortium for the Health Professions, Inc.
Consumer Valuation of Health Risk: The Case of Heptachlor Contamination of Milk in Hawaii (06/01/1984)Computer IconFoster, William
Just, Richard E.
California, University of,
Division of Agricultural Sciences,
California Agricultural Experiment Station,
Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics
Crop Insurance and Information Services to Control Use of Pesticides (09/01/1974)Miranowski, John A.
Ernst, Ulrich
Cummings, Francis H.
Abt Associates, Inc.
Definition of Population-at-Risk to Environmental Toxic Pollutant Exposures (10/01/1980)Suta, Benjamin E.SRI International
Economic Disincentives for Pollution Control: Legal, Political and Administrative Dimensions (07/01/1974)Irwin, William A.
Liroff, Richard A.
Environmental Law Institute
Environmental Investments: The Cost of a Clean Environment, Report of the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to the Congress of the United States. (11/01/1990)Computer IconEnvironmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation, Science, Economics, and Statistics Division

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