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A Benefits Assessment of Water Pollution Control Programs Since 1972: Part 1, The Benefits of Point Source Controls for Conventional Pollutants in Rivers and Streams (01/01/2000)Computer IconBingham, Tayler H.
Bondelid, Timothy R.
Depro, Brooks M.
Figueroa, Ruth C.
Hauber, A. Brett
Unger, Suzanne J.
Van Houtven, George L.
Research Triangle Institute
A Comparison of Alternative Approaches for Estimating Recreation and Related Benefits of Water Quality Improvements (03/01/1983)Computer IconDesvousges, William H.
Smith, V. Kerry
McGivney, Matthew P.
Research Triangle Institute
A Demonstration of Areawide Water Resources PlanningSpooner, Charles S.
Promise, John
Graham, Phillip H.
Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
A Methodological Approach to an Economic Analysis of the Beneficial Outcomes of Water Quality: Improvement from Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrading and Combined Sewer Overflow Controls (11/01/1985)Computer IconMeta Systems, Inc.Meta Systems, Inc.
A Model Estimating the Economic Impacts of Current Levels of Acidification on Recreational Fishing in the Adirondack Mountains (05/01/1985)Computer IconViolette, Daniel M.Energy and Resource Consultants, Inc.
A Quantitative Method for Effluent Compliance Monitoring Resource Allocation (09/01/1975)Computer IconCohen, Arthur I.
Bar-Shalom, Yaakov
Winkler, Wendy
Grimsrud, G. Paul
Systems Control, Inc,
A Regional Assessment of the Economic and Environmental Benefits of an Irrigation Scheduling Service (04/01/1980)English, Marshall J.
Horner, Gerald L.
Orlob, Gerald T.
Erpenbeck, Joseph
Moehlman, Michael
Cuenaca, Richard H.
Dudek, Daniel J.
California, University of, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economics, Statistics and Cooperative Service, Natural Resource Economic Division
A Retrospective Assessment of the Costs of the Clean Water Act:1972 to 1997 (10/01/2000)Computer IconVan Houtven, George L.
Brunnermeier, Smita B.
Buckley, Mark C.
Research Triangle Institute, Center for Economics Research
A Study of the Measurement and Distribution of Costs and Benefits of Water Pollution Control (11/01/1973)Computer IconRoberts, Marc J.Harvard University
A Summary of the Benefit-Cost Analyses of the Final Effluent Limitation Guidelines for the Organic Chemicals, Plastics, and Synthetic Fibers Industry: Final Report (05/06/1987)Raucher, RobertEnergy and Resource Consultants, Inc.
AERE Workshop on Recreation Demand Modeling (07/10/1985)Computer IconMorey, Edward
Rowe, Robert D.
Smith, V. Kerry
Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE)
Alternative Methods of Financing Wastewater Treatment - Economic Report (09/01/1975)Smith, Willard W.
Rose, Marshall
Goldstein, Jon
Hale, Douglas
Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Planning and Evaluation and Office of Research and Development
Alternative Policies for Controlling Nonpoint Agricultural Sources of Water Pollution (04/01/1978)Seitz, W.D.
Gardner, D.M.
Gove, S.K.
Guntermann, K.L.
Karr, J.R.
Spitze, R.G.F
Swanson, E.R.
Taylor, C.R.
Uchtmann, D.L.
van Es, J.C.
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of
An Economic Analysis of Final Effluent Limitations Guidelines, New Source Performance Standards, and Pretreatment Standards for the Iron and Steel Manufacturing Point Source Category (05/01/1982)Temple, Barker & Sloane, Inc.
An Economic Analysis of the Final Effluent Limitations, New Source Performance Standards and Pretreatment Standards for the Steam Electric Power Industry (11/01/1982)Temple, Barker & Sloane, Inc.Temple, Barker & Sloane, Inc.
An Economic Assessment of the Benefits of the Final Effluent Limitations Guidelines for Iron and Steel Manufacturers (05/01/1982)Raucher, RobertPublic Interest Economics Center

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