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Environmental Economics Report Inventory: by Geographic Area

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Show details for AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque
Show details for Allegheny County (PA)Allegheny County (PA)
Show details for ArizonaArizona
Show details for ArkansasArkansas
Show details for AtlantaAtlanta
Show details for Atlantic City (NJ)Atlantic City (NJ)
Show details for BaltimoreBaltimore
Hide details for BostonBoston
A Methodological Approach to an Economic Analysis of the Beneficial Outcomes of Water Quality: Improvement from Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrading and Combined Sewer Overflow Controls (11/01/1985)Computer IconMeta Systems, Inc.Meta Systems, Inc.
A Study of the Measurement and Distribution of Costs and Benefits of Water Pollution Control (11/01/1973)Computer IconRoberts, Marc J.Harvard University
Benefits of Preserving Cultural Materials from Damages Associated with Acidic Deposition (12/01/1983)Computer IconCharles River Associates Inc.Charles River Associates Inc.
Economic Benefits of Controlling the Effects of Environmental Pollution on Children's Health, Volume VII of Methods Development in Measuring Benefits of Environmental ImprovementsComputer IconNeedleman, Herbert L.
Atkinson, Scott E.
Crocker, Thomas D.
Murdock, Robert G.
Wyoming, University of, Department of Economics and Institute for Policy Research
Economic Welfare Impacts of Urban Noise (05/01/1976)Computer IconThorpe, Rodney
Holmes, Thomas
QEI, Inc.
Income Distribution Implications of Water Pollution Control: Interim Report (01/01/1971)Roberts, MarcHarvard University, School of Public Health
Secondary Impacts of Transportation and Wastewater Investments: Research Results (07/01/1975)Bascom, S.E.
Cooper, K.G.
Howell, M.P.
Makrides, A.C.
Rabe, F.T.
Environmental Impact Center
The Recreation Benefits of Water Quality Improvements: Analysis of Day Trips in an Urban Setting (06/01/1978)Computer IconBinkley, Clark S.
Hanemann, W. Michael
Urban Systems Research and Engineering, Inc.
Why Do Plants Comply with Environmental Regulations? The Importance of Enforcement Activity, Abatement Costs, and Community Pressure. (07/05/2009)Computer IconGray, WayneClark University
Show details for Boulder (CO)Boulder (CO)
Show details for CaliforniaCalifornia
Show details for CanadaCanada
Show details for Chesapeake BayChesapeake Bay
Show details for ChicagoChicago
Show details for ChinaChina
Show details for CincinnatiCincinnati
Show details for ClevelandCleveland
Show details for ColoradoColorado
Show details for ColumbusColumbus
Show details for ConnecticutConnecticut
Show details for DallasDallas
Show details for DaytonDayton

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