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An Evaluation of Public Preferences for Superfund Site Cleanup, Volume II: Pilot Study (03/01/1995)Computer IconSchulze, William D.
McClelland, Gary H.
Doane, Michael
Balistreri, Ed
Boyce, Rebecca R.
Hurd, Brian
Simenauer, Ronald
Colorado, University of, Center for Economic Analysis
An Iterative Choice Approach to Valuing Clean Lakes, Rivers, and Streams (08/01/2000)Magat, Wesley A.
Huber, Joel
Viscusi, W. Kip
Duke University
Economic Assessment of the Impacts of Cataracts (03/01/1987)Computer IconRowe, Robert D.
Neithercut, Tina N.
Schulze, William D.
Colorado, University of, and Energy and Resource Consultants
Field and Laboratory Experiments on the Reliability of the Contingent Valuation Method, a volume of Improving Accuracy and Reducing Cost of Environmental Benefit Assessments Series (09/01/1993)Computer IconSchulze, William D.
McClelland, Gary H.
Schenk, David
Elliott, Steven R.
Boyce, Rebecca R.
Irwin, Julie R.
Stewart, Thomas
Slovic, Paul
Deck, Leland
Thayer, Mark A.
Colorado, University of, Institute for Policy Research
Incentive Analysis for Clean Water Act Reauthorization: Point Source/Nonpoint Source Trading for Nutrient Discharge Reductions (04/01/1992)Kashmanian, Richard
Podar, Mahesh
Apogee Research, Inc.
Markets for Compost (11/01/1993)CalRecovery, Inc., and Franklin Associates
Option Values, Preservation Values and Recreational Benefits of Improved Water Quality: A Case Study of the South Platte River Basin, Colorado (01/01/1978)Walsh, Richard G.
Greenley, D.A.
Young, R.A.
McKean, J.R.
Prato, A.A.
Colorado State University, Department of Economics
Secondary Impacts of Transportation and Wastewater Investments: Research Results (07/01/1975)Bascom, S.E.
Cooper, K.G.
Howell, M.P.
Makrides, A.C.
Rabe, F.T.
Environmental Impact Center
Socio-Economic and Institutional Factors in Irrigation Return Flow Quality Control (08/01/1978)Computer IconVlachos, Evan C.
Huszar, Paul C.
Radosevich, George E.
Skogerboe, Gaylord
Trock, Warren
Colorado State University
Southwest Energy Study Air Pollution Aspects - Appendix C-1 (03/01/1972)Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development and Office of Air Programs
Southwest Energy Study Water Pollution Aspects- Appendix C-2 (03/01/1972)Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development and Office of Water
Stigma: The Psychology and Economics of Superfund (07/01/2004)Computer IconSchulze, William
Messer, Kent
Hackett, Katherine
Cameron, Trudy
Crawford, Graham
McClelland, Gary
Cornell University
Show details for ColumbusColumbus

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