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The following view displays environmental economics research funded by EPA's ORD, NCEE, and NSF, organized by environmental Media (click to exand all categories or collapse all categories)

TitleGrant YearResearch OrganizationInvestigators
Show details for a. Aira. Air
Show details for a. Air - Mobile Sourcea. Air - Mobile Source
Show details for a. Air - Stationary Sourcea. Air - Stationary Source
Show details for a. Air - Stratospherica. Air - Stratospheric
Show details for a. Air - Tropospherica. Air - Tropospheric
Show details for b. Waterb. Water
Show details for b. Water - Drinkingb. Water - Drinking
Show details for b. Water - Groundwaterb. Water - Groundwater
Show details for b. Water - Otherb. Water - Other
Show details for b. Water - Surfaceb. Water - Surface
Show details for c. Landc. Land
Show details for c. Land - Solid Waste/RCRAc. Land - Solid Waste/RCRA
Show details for c. Land - Superfund/CERCLAc. Land - Superfund/CERCLA
Show details for d. Chemicalsd. Chemicals
Show details for d. Chemicals - Pesticidesd. Chemicals - Pesticides
Show details for d. Chemicals - Toxic Substancesd. Chemicals - Toxic Substances
Show details for e. Ecosystemse. Ecosystems
Show details for f. Multimediaf. Multimedia
Hide details for g. Otherg. Other
Decision-Making under Uncertainty in the Conservation of Biological Diversity1996Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Oregon State University
Cincinnati, University of
Maine, University of
Idaho, University of
Solow, Andrew R.
Deriving Biodiversity Option Value Within a Model of Biotechnology Research and Development1995California at Berkeley, University ofRausser, Gordon C.
Designing Incentives that Strengthen Local Capacity for Land Development with Open Space and Healthy Ecosystems: Environmental Impact Fees2000Rhode Island, University ofSwallow, Stephen K.
Effective Environmental Policy in the Presence of Distorting Taxes1996Resources for the Future
Stanford University
Parry, Ian
Environmental Values and National Economic Accounts1995Colorado at Boulder, University ofFlores, Nicholas E.
Valuation of Risks to Human Health: Insensitivity to Magnitude?1996Harvard University
California at Berkeley, University of
Hammitt, James K.
Valuing the Stock and Flow of Mineral and Renewable Assets in National Income Accounting1995Colorado School of MinesDavis, Graham
Show details for *No Media Assigned*No Media Assigned

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