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1.5. Organization of Report by Subject

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Environmental Economics Research at EPA

Although this report can be reorganized by the user in a number of ways by selecting different views, the table of contents organization is along subject lines, as discussed in the Preface. From a subject perspective, the remainder of this report includes:
  1. a review of some of the more pioneering studies EPA has sponsored on improving the foundation for assessing the economic benefits of environmental pollution control,
  2. an examination of economic cost and impact studies of environmental pollution control,
  3. an examination of cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness studies,
  4. a review of economic incentives and other innovative approaches studies,
  5. a look at pollution control industry studies,
  6. a look at distribution and equity, sustainable development, and other research, and
  7. a bibliography of external-to-EPA sources used in the preparation of this report.

Topics 1 to 3 are needed by EPA primarily to prepare Regulatory Impact Analyses. Topic 4 is needed to analyze opportunities for using economic incentives in EPA regulations. Topic 5 assists EPA to understand the nature and characteristics of the industry that has been created to assist pollution control activities. Topic 6 assists EPA to carry out other types of economic analyses.

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