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United States Experience with Economic Incentives for Pollution Control

This report has been prepared by the National Center for Environmental Economics in the EPA Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation, which is a part of the Office of the Administrator. It builds on two previous reports (Carlin, 1992, and Anderson and Lohof, 1997) with similar titles. This report both updates and substantially expands on the United States portions of these earlier reports and was authored by Robert C. Anderson. The report has been extensively revised as a result of reviews by many EPA staff both inside and outside NCEE for both policy and technical accuracy. Comments were received from the following EPA offices, among others:

Office of the Administrator:
Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation
Office of Communications, Education, and Media Relations
Office of Air and Radiation
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
Office of General Counsel
Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances
Office of Research and Development
Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
Office of Water
Region 10

Graphical, editorial, and typographical assistance was obtained under Work Assignment WA4-24 under EPA Contract 68-W6-0029.

Because of the desirability of making possible future reports in this series as comprehensive as possible, readers who are aware of interesting applications of incentive mechanisms that they believe should be included in subsequent reports are encouraged to send that information to Alan Carlin (Carlin.alan@epa.gov) at EPA Mailcode 1809, Washington, DC 20460, who served as the principal coordinator for this report.

Hard copies of this report also are available through Alan Carlin.

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