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Economic Valuation of the Environment (Edward Elgar), 1999

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Publisher's blurb: The increasing demands which society places on the natural environment have led us to seek new ways of estimating the monetary costs of environmental degradation, so that they can be compared with the benefits of development. This book provides a comprehensive and readable examination of the major techniques used in cost-benefit analysis and project appraisal to value environmental goods and services.
Contents: Part I: Introduction 1. Introduction Part II: Revealed Preference Techniques 2. Market Price and Cost Measures of Value 3. The Travel-Cost Method 4. The Hedonic Price Method Part III: Expressed Preference Techniques 5. Contingent Valuation Methods 6. Discrete Choice Methods Part IV: Case Examples 7. Recreation 8. Landscape 9. Biodiversity 10. Water Quality 11. Amenity Values Part V: Policy Use and Decision Making 12. Benefit Transfer 13. Policy Implications and Conclusions Index


Garrod, Guy, and Kenneth G. Willis

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