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The Firm, Competitiveness, and Environmental Regulations (Edward Elgar), 1998

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Publisher's blurb: Do environmental regulations harm international competitiveness? In answer to this question, this book focuses on the impact of regulatory policies on competitiveness and employment at the firm level. It investigates the trade-off between environmental regulations and competitiveness across countries and regions throughout Europe, using the food processing industry as a case study.
Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Systems of Regulation of Effluent Discharge: International Comparisons 3. Structural Background of the Meat and Dairy Processing Sectors 4. Environmental Regulation - Negative and Positive Impacts on Cost Competitiveness: A Theoretical and Empirical Consideration 5. Research Method 6. Description of the Sample 7. Company Performance and Characteristics 8. Waste and Effluent Costs and Abatement Initiatives 9. Environmental Initiatives, Quality of Effluent, Waste Inspection and Environmental Compliance 10. The Relationship between Economic Performance and Environmental Performance 11. Productivity and Employment Effects of Waste Regulation 12. Environmental Regulation, Costs and Company Competitiveness 13. Conclusions References


Hitchens, David, Esmond Birnie, Angela McGowan, and Ursula Treibswetter

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