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Estimating and Valuing Morbidity in a Policy Context: Proceedings of June 1989 AERE Workshop

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The Workshop included three sessions (with papers actually included in volume shown):

Estimating the Amount of Illness and Injury Associated with Specific Causes:

Daniel A. Hoffman, "The Role of Epidemiology in Developing Useful Data for Public Health Policy"

Hugh M. Pitcher, "Estimating Skin Cancer (Melanoma) Deaths from Sunlight Exposure"

James C. Murdoch, Mark A. Thayer, and William N. Weirick, "Acute Health and Variable Air Pollutants."

Valuation of Changes in Illness and Injury:

W. Kip Viscusi, Wesley A. Magat, and Joel Huber, "Pricing Environmental Health Risks: Survey Assessments of Risk-Risk and Risk-Dollar Trade-offs"

Maureen L. Cropper and Alan J. Krupnick, "The Social Costs of Chronic Heart and Lung Disease"

Josephine A. Mauskopf and Michael T. French, "Estimating the Value of Avoiding Morbidity and Mortality from Foodborne Illnesses"

Ted Miller, Charles Calhoun, and W. Brian Arthur, "Utility-adjusted Impairment Years: A Low-cost Approach to Morbidity Valuation"

Mark Dickie and Shelby Gerking, "Valuing Nonmarket Goods: A Household Production Approach"

Mordechai Shecther, "Valuation of Morbidity Reduction Due to Air Pollution Abatement: Direct and Indirect Measurements"

Jason F. Shogren and Thomas D. Crocker, "Risk, Self-Protection and Ex Ante Economic Value"

and Erik Lichtenberg, Robert C. Spear, and David Zilberman, "The Economics of Quarantines: An Application to Pesticide Regulation."

Using Morbidity Estimates and Values in Policy Decisions (a panel discussion).


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