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Contingent Valuation and Endangered Species (Edward Elgar), 1996

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Publisher's blurb: Contingent Valuation and Endangered Species provides a comprehensive and rigorous examination of the contingent valuation method as applied to the profound social problem of biodiversity conservation.
The contingent valuation method allows the explicit identification and valuation of the non-use values of species in a way which has not been possible before. This new book offers a rigorous state-of-the-art evaluation of the theoretical and statistical issues central to the contingent valuation method as well as a hands-on account of the design, implementation and analysis of contingent valuation surveys of the benefits of species conservation. Contingent Valuation and Endangered Species includes a comprehensive account of efforts at endangered species protection in Australia and New Zealand as well as current developments in the United States.
Contents: Foreword (M. Hanemann) Part I: Environmental Values: The Institutional and Biological Setting for Species Conservation 1. Introduction 2. The Institutional Setting: The Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 3. Endangered Species in Victoria Part II: Welfare Economic Principles of Species Conservation 4. Welfare Economic Principles and Issues 5. The Economics of Species Conservation Part III: The Contingent Valuation Method 6. The Contingent Valuation Method 7. Estimating Changes in Welfare from Discrete Choice Surveys Part IV: The Survey Application to Species Conservation 8. A Contingent Valuation Survey of Endangered Species in Victoria 9. Estimation of Willingness to Pay Part V: Conclusions 10. Conservation Value: Estimation and Methodological Inference 11. From Contingent Valuation to Species Conservation Policy References Subject Index


Jakobsson, Kristin M., and Andrew K. Dragun

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