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Environmental Valuation, Economic Policy and Systainability (Edward Elgar), 1998

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Publisher's blurb and table of contents: Contributors: G. Acharya, M. Acutt, I.J. Bateman, R. Cookson, S. Dalmazzone, V. Foster, P.G. Gómez, N. Hanley, D. Harley, M. Kuhn, P. Mason, S. Mourato, J.C.V. Pezzey
Contents: 1. An Introduction to Environmental Economics: Theory and Application (M. Acutt and P. Mason) Part I. Economic Valuation of the Environment 2. Economic valuation in transition economies 3. Real and hypothetical willingness to pay for environmental preservation 4. An alternative approach to valuing non-market goods 5. Valuing the environment as an input Part II. Economic Policy Towards the Environment 6. Environmental taxation 7. Economic incentives for the control of pollution 8. Environmental policy, firm location and green consumption 9. Environmental regulation Part III. Environmental Sustainability 10. The economics of environmental sustainability 11. Ecological resilience and economic sustainability 12. Stripping resources and investing abroad


Acutt, Melinda, and Pamela Mason (eds)

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Valuation/benefits measurement
Natural resources
Impacts/Equity Assessment
Market-Based Approaches



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