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Integrating The Environment and The Economy: Proceedings of June 1994 Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Workshop

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This 1994 AERE Workshop was held June 5 and 6 in Boulder, CO. The topic was Integrating the Environment and the Economy Sustainable Development and Economic/Ecological Modeling. The session topics included Sustainability: Extensions and Issues, Issues in Environmental Accounting, and Economic/Ecological Modeling and Ecosystem Valuation. The papers actually included in these proceedings are the following:

"Neoclassical Economic Growth Theory and 'Sustainability'" by Michael A. Toman, John Pezzey, and Jeffrey Krautkraemer

"Sustainability and Constant Consumption Paths in Open Economies with Exhaustible Resource" by John M. Hartwick

"Rethinking Sustainability" by Peter W. Kennedy

"Intergenerational Welfare Economics and Environmental Policy" by Richard C. Bishop and Richard T. Woodward

"The United Nations Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting System: An Environmental Economics Perspective" by Anne Grambsch and R. Gregory Michaels

"Accounting for the Environment in Agriculture" by Jim Hrubovcak, Michael LeBlanc, and Kelly Eakin

"Some Issues Related to Ecological and Economic Modeling of Ecosystem 'Landscapes'" by Nancy Bockstael and Jackie Geoghegan

"Valuing Biodiversity for Use in Pharmaceutical Research" by R. David Simpson


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