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NCEE provides this collection of links to other relevant sites as a service to the environmental economics community. This list is offered for informational purposes only; inclusion on or omission from this list does imply any sort of endorsement or other judgement by EPA or NCEE. Browse Web sites about environmental economics by subject, title (at bottom of this page), category, or media.

The selection of primarily non-EPA Internet links is made to include sites that are particularly useful to environmental economists interested in environmental pollution control because they:
A Guide for Cost-effectiveness and Cost-benefit Analysis of State and Local Ground Water Protection ProgramsGovernment -- U.S. EPAUse of cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis to evaluate ground water program at the State and local levels.
Accidental Release Information Program Database (ARIP)EPA DatasetsInformation on accidental releases of hazardous chemicals at fixed facilities.
AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies--RIA Database Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profitInventory of RIAs from 10 Federal agencies
AEI-Brookings Joint Program for Regulatory Studies Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profitPlans to provide analyses of existing regulatory programs and new regulatory proposals.
Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics Mailing Lists Exit EPA DisclaimerWeb directories and mailing listsCompilation of mailing lists from Resources for Economists on the Internet
Agriculture and Natural Resources section of WebEc Exit EPA DisclaimerWeb directories and mailing listsLists and describes material that could be of interest to mainly academic economists and is at least in part freely available on the Internet.
Air DataEPA DatasetsThe AirData Web site gives you access to air pollution data for the entire United States.
American Agricultural Economics Association Exit EPA DisclaimerAssociationProfessional association of economists interested in agriculture, food, resources, and economic development.
Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Exit EPA DisclaimerAssociation,NewsletterProfessional association concerned with the allocation and management of natural and environmental resources; publishes newsletter.
Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Exit EPA DisclaimerAssociationProfessional association concerned with the Economic problems of world and Australian agriculture, natural resources, and the environment.
Beneficial Use Values Database Exit EPA DisclaimerEducationalAn informational database of economic values for beneficial uses of water
Best of the Web: Environmental Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerWeb directories and mailing listsListing of Websites concerning environmental economics
Census' Pollution Abatement and Control Expenditures SurveyGovernment -- U.S. non-EPADescribes survey which provided annual data from 1973 to 1994 on pollution abatement capital expenditures, operating costs, and costs recovered by private industry.
Center for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment Exit EPA DisclaimerEducationalIncludes abstracts for publications and working papers from this unit of the University of East Anglia, UK
Centre for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment (CESSE) Exit EPA DisclaimerEducationalList of internet sites dealing with sustainable development.
Chemicals On Reporting Rules (CORR)EPA DatasetsA database containing information on chemicals which are regulated under specific sections of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) or section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right -to-Know Act (EPCRA).
Chesapeake Bay Program Data Hub Exit EPA DisclaimerEPA DatasetsChesapeake Bay data programs, downloads, and tools.
Clean Air Markets - Data and MapsEPA DatasetsProvides access to data on air emissions, the latest Greenhouse Gas Inventory, and Acid Deposition Data.
Congressional Research Service Reports Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- U.S. non-EPAAccess to reports on natural resources and environmental quality
Dealing with Pollution Exit EPA DisclaimerEducational,Plain EnglishPresents a case for using market-based economic incentives for environmental protection
Ecological, Environmental, and Natural Resource Economics Syllabi and Bibliographies Exit EPA DisclaimerEducationalAcademic Web pages from environmental economists tabulated by Davidson College Economics Department
Economic Performance and Environmental Quality Information Base Exit EPA DisclaimerEducationalDatabases of economic activity matched with data on a variety of environmental quality indicators and examples of how economic instruments are being used to improve the environment
Economic Research Service PublicationsGovernment -- U.S. non-EPAPublications of the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service
Economics and Cost Analysis SupportGovernment -- U.S. EPAWebsite for the Innovative Strategies and Economics Group of the EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profit,Educational,International organizationWorld index
Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World: Resource and Environmental Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerWeb directories and mailing listsListings with links of many such centers throughout the world in resource and environmental economics.
Economy and Environment Program for South East Asia (EEPSEA) Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profit,International organizationSupports training and research in environmental & resource economics to provide support to researchers in its ten member countries.
EEPSEA: Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia Exit EPA DisclaimerAssociation
Emissions and Air Quality DataEPA DatasetsThis Web site presents data and summaries for with the designations of 8-hour ozone nonattainment areas. It includes data from the 1996 National Emission Trends Inventory and Emission Tracking System/Continuous Emissions Monitoring data, Census related data, air quality data and maps.
Envalue--A Searchable Environmental Valuation DatabaseGovernment -- non-U.S.Collection of environmental valuation studies presented in an on-line database by the New South Wales EPA of Australia
Envirofacts WarehouseEPA DatasetsA single point of access to select US EPA environmental data.
Environment and Development Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerJournalSustainable development, valuation of environmental resources in low-income countries, 'greening' of national income accounts, and environmental implications of institutional change.
Environment Australia's Environmental Economics UnitGovernment -- non-U.S.Describes responsibilities and publications of Unit and provides general information on environmetal economics
Environment for Development Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profitThe EfD initiative is a capacity building program in environmental economics foscusing on research, policy advice, and teaching in China, Central America, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania
Environmental and Resource Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerJournalEnvironmental issues that require rational economic analysis.
Environmental Business Journal Exit EPA DisclaimerCommercial information sourcesBusiness publication for companies in the environmental industry
Environmental Damage Valuation and Cost Benefit News Exit EPA DisclaimerNewsletter,Commercial information sourcesNewsletter on valuation of environmental damages based on information from the courts, government agencies, academic literature, and unpublished studies.
Environmental Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerJournalElectronically pubiishes working and accepted paper abstracts in environmental economics.
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies Exit EPA DisclaimerJournalJournal aims to provide an international forum for debates among diverse disciplines such as environmental economics, environmental policy studies, and related fields
Environmental Economics Programme of Collaborative Research in the Economics of Environment and Development (CREED) Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profit,International organizationStrengthens capacity in environmental economics research and policy analysis
Environmental Economics, a Google category Exit EPA DisclaimerWeb directories and mailing listsLinks to selected Web sites on the basis of their PageRanking methodology
Environmental Economics, a Yahoo category Exit EPA DisclaimerWeb directories and mailing listsWide assortment of Web links
Environmental Literacy Council: Economic Incentives Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profit,Plain EnglishBrief overview of the use of economic incentives to promote environmental protection with selected links for general publc
Environmental Literacy Council: Environmental Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profit,Plain EnglishBrief overview of economics from an environmental viewpoint with links for general publc
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP)EPA DatasetsEMAP’s goal is to translate environmental monitoring data from multiple spatial and temporal scales into assessments of ecological condition and forecasts of the future risks to the sustainability of our natural resources.
Environmental Statistics - Statistics Canada Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- non-U.S.Publishes data and statistical analyses which are useful for monitoring and studying the natural environment and the impact of economic and social activities upon it.
Environmental Tax Reform, a Yahoo category Exit EPA DisclaimerWeb directories and mailing listsListing of Websites
Environmental Trading Network Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profitOrganization dedicated to the development and implementation of successful water quality trading programs
Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profitOnline search service for finding information about environmental treaties and national resource indicators.
Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory of Environment Canada Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- non-U.S.Subscription-based searchable storehouse of empirical studies on the economic value of environmental benefits and human health effects
EPA Acid Rain Emissions Trading and Market TrendsGovernment -- U.S. EPATrading of allowances for sulfur dioxide emissions
EPA Datasets Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- U.S. EPASome Web-available datasets of particular interest to environmental economists
EPA Environmental Economics Report Inventory Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- U.S. EPAInventory of reports done for EPA National Center for Environmental Economics and predecessors including over 200 that can be downloaded.
EPA Regulatory Econmic Analyses Inventory Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- U.S. EPADocument profiles for more than 1,200 EPA economic reports relating to hundreds of regulations and including over 50 that can be downloaded
European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Exit EPA DisclaimerAssociationProfessional association concerned with the development and application of environmental and resource economics as a science in Europe.
European Commission: Environmental Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- non-U.S.,International organizationDocuments prepared by, or for, the economic unit of the Environment  Directorate-General
Federal Statistical Office of Germany: Environment Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- non-U.S.Includes tables on German environmental protection expenditures and revenues from taxes and fees related to the environment
Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy U. Tennessee & Oak Ridge National Labs Exit EPA DisclaimerJournalEnergy, environment, economic development, and science and technology.
Government of Japan Environment Agency Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- non-U.S.Includes report on auto-related environmental taxes and their utilization in environmental policy
Great Lakes Information Network Exit EPA DisclaimerEPA DatasetsContains maps and GIS of the Great Lakes region.
Great Lakes Regional Air Toxics Emissions Inventory Exit EPA DisclaimerEPA DatasetsThe eight Great Lakes states and the Province of Ontario are developing the first regional inventory of air toxic pollutants. Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin have completed the Southwest Lake Michigan Pilot Study. Access the study's final report, a summary of emissions data, and also state-of-the-art software (RAPIDS) used to compile the inventory.
Green BookEPA DatasetsMaps and listings of nonattainment areas (areas of the country where air pollution levels persistently exceed the national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) for criteria pollutants.
Hazardous Waste DataEPA DatasetsPage containing links to RCRA databases; including Biennial Report databases and RCRIS databases.
IIED Environmental Economics Programme Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profit,International organizationDevelops and promotes the application of economics to understand the links between natural resource use, environmental quality, economic development and poverty alleviation.
Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS)EPA DatasetsAn electronic database containing information on human health effects that may result from exposure to various chemicals in the environment.
Inter-American Development Bank Publications on Environment and Natural Resources Exit EPA DisclaimerInternational organizationLists a number of downloadable reports
Introduction to Environmental Economics Research at EPA Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- U.S. EPAintroduction, survey, and overview of EPA's economic research studies funded by the Office of Research and Development and the Office of Policy
JEEM (Journal of Environmental Economics and Management) Exit EPA DisclaimerJournalLinkage between economic systems and environmental and natural resources systems.
Journal of Environment and Development Exit EPA DisclaimerJournalEnvironmental and developmental issues, including sustainable development.
Latin American and Caribbean Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Exit EPA DisclaimerAssociationSupports the development and implementation of the environmental and natural resource economic instruments, in order to contribute to the sustainable development of Latin American countries
List of Economics Journals Exit EPA DisclaimerJournalWeb sites for worldwide economic journals
List of Papers by Parallel Sessions at 2002 World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists Exit EPA DisclaimerAssociation,EducationalLinks to all available papers presented at 2002 World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists
Listing of Fish and Wildlife Consumption AdvisoriesEPA DatasetsFish consumption advisories for the United States and Canada.
Marine Resource Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerJournalJournal covering economic and policy analysis of marine resources
National Agricultural LibraryGovernment -- U.S. non-EPAMajor international source for agriculture and related information; provides access to NAL's many resources and a gateway to its associated institutions.
National Center for Environmental Research Science TopicsGovernment -- U.S. EPAInformation on the STAR Economics and Decision Sciences Program
National Priorities ListEPA DatasetsAll sites registered on Superfund's National Priorities List.
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- non-U.S.Independent agency of the Canadian Government that seeks to provide objective views and information regarding the relationship between the environment and the economy.
NCEE in Plain EnglishGovernment -- U.S. EPA,Plain EnglishLinks to discussions of environmental economics in forms understandable to the non-specialist
North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation--Environment, Economy & Trade Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- non-U.S.Program page of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation created by Canada, Mexico, and the United States under the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation
NSF/EPA Funding for Environmental Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- U.S. EPADatabase of environmental economics projects funded by the EPA Office of Research and Development or NSF/EPA jointly since 1991.
Nutrient Net Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profitOnline resource for reducing watershed nutrient runoff
NY/NJ Harbor Sediment Decontamination Exit EPA DisclaimerEPA DatasetsData on the contamination of sediments in the New York/New Jersey Harbor.
OECD Environment Exit EPA DisclaimerInternational organizationProvides governments with the analytical basis to develop environmental policies that are effective and economically efficient
OECD Environmental Taxes, Tradable Permits, etc. Exit EPA DisclaimerInternational organizationEconomic instruments in OECD member countries
OMB's Economic Analysis Guidance Government -- U.S. non-EPAResults of an exhaustive two-year effort by an interagency group formed by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget to describe "best practices" for preparing the economic analyses of significant regulatory actions called for by Executive Order 12866.
Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS) databaseEPA DatasetsRepository for data collected by Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations, which record air quality data for ozone (and related pollutants) in areas that are required to have enhanced ozone monitoring in place.
Practical Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy Course Materials Database Exit EPA DisclaimerEducational,Government -- U.S. EPAIdentifies and catalogues sources of information useful in developing courses focusing on practical cost-benefit analysis and other economic assessments of environmental policies
Professor Tom Tietenberg's Homepage Exit EPA DisclaimerEducationalBibliographies and working papers on sustainaable development/economics and tradable permits
Professor Trudy Ann Cameron's Bookmarks, UCLA; Environment and Natural Resource Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerEducationalList of Websites maintained by Trudy Cameron at UCLA
Public Working Papers Repository Exit EPA DisclaimerJournal,Government -- U.S. EPA,Web directories and mailing listsInventory/electronic journal of downloadable or Web-accessible professional working papers and reports on the economics of environmental pollution control
Publications from Redefining Progress Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profitIncludes HTML reports on economic incentives and the economics of climate change
RadNetEPA DatasetsRadNet, formerly Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System (ERAMS), is a national network of monitoring stations that regularly collect air, precipitation, drinking water, and milk samples for analysis of radioactivity.
RANESA - Resource Accounting Network for Eastern and Southern Africa Exit EPA DisclaimerAssociation,Government -- non-U.S.
Record of Decision System (RODS)EPA DatasetsRODS is the Record of Decision System. RODS contains full-text Records of Decision (RODs), ROD Abstracts, ROD Amendments, and Explanations of Significant Differences (ESDs). A ROD provides the justification for the remedial action (treatment) chosen at a Superfund site. It also contains site history, site description, site characteristics, community participation, enforcement activities, past and present activities, contaminated media, the contaminants present, scope and role of response action, and the remedy selected for cleanup.
Region 2 GIS Data AtlasEPA DatasetsThe primary purpose of the Library is to serve as a source of base cartographic data, EPA facility data and demographic data for regional GIS projects.
Region 3 GIS Data LibraryEPA DatasetsA library of GIS data, maps, and related information for Region 3
Report to Congress on the Costs and Benefits of Federal Regulations Exit EPA DisclaimerGovernment -- U.S. non-EPAProvides links to series of Office of Management and Budget reports
Resource and Energy Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerJournalEconomic analysis of utilization and development of the earth's natural resources.
Resources for Economists (RFE) Exit EPA DisclaimerWeb directories and mailing lists
Resources for the Future Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profitResearch organization that aims to help people make better decisions about the conservation and use of their natural resources and the environment.
Sector Facility Indexing Project (SFIP) Home PageEPA DatasetsSFIP brings together environmental and other information from a number of data systems to produce facility-level profiles for five industry sectors (petroleum refining, iron and steel production, primary nonferrous metal refining and smelting, pulp manufacturing, and automobile assembly) and a subset of major federal facilities. SFIP information relates to compliance and inspection history, chemical releases and spills, demographics of the surrounding population and production.
Selected Industrial Air Pollution Control EquipmentGovernment -- U.S. non-EPAProvides detailed data on new orders, shipments, and backlog of orders of air pollution control equipment
Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies Exit EPA DisclaimerAssociationJapanese association
South Australian Government: Department of the Environment and Heritage: Publications on EconomicsGovernment -- non-U.S.Books and reports
Sportfishing Values Database Exit EPA DisclaimerCompany,Government -- U.S. non-EPADatabase of over 100 travel cost and contingent valuation studies of sportfishing activity.
Steve Hackett's Internet Resources for Economists Exit EPA DisclaimerEducational,Web directories and mailing listsLarge collection of category links to other economics sites, with several categories devoted to environmental economics topics.
Superfund Overview EPA DatasetsCERCLIS contains information on hazardous waste site assessment and remediation from 1983 to the
The Beijer International Institute of Ecological Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profitSwedish institute with extensive publications list
The Biodiversity Economics Library Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profit,International organizationA clearing house devoted to the mission of the IUCN - The World Conservation Uniton
The Cost of Illness HandbookGovernment -- U.S. EPAProvides estimates of the lower bound cost of medical care for a number of environmentally-related illnesses
The Economics of Natural Resources: Bibliography by R.A. Muller Exit EPA DisclaimerEducationalPartially annotated references on topics in natural resources and environmental economics.
The Economics of the Environment Exit EPA DisclaimerEducational,Plain EnglishLecture by Partha Dasgupta
The London Group on Environmental Accounting Exit EPA DisclaimerAssociation,Government -- non-U.S.Forum for practitioners to share their experience of developing and implementing environmental satellite accounts linked to the economic accounts of the System of National Accounts
The Right-to-Know Newwork Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profitProvides access to a number of major EPA and other environmental databases
Trade and Environment Database Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profitInventory of cases in trade and environment. Each case is coded on 28 different criteria and accompanied by a written report.
UN Environment and Economics Unit (EEU) Publications Database Exit EPA DisclaimerInternational organizationUnited Nations Environment Programme
Unit-Based Pricing in the United States: A Tally of CommunitiesGovernment -- U.S. EPADatabase providing state-by-state listing of U.S. unit pricing communities through June 1998 including their population, program type, and date of implementation.
Unit-Based Pricing in the United States: A Tally of CommunitiesEPA DatasetsLists U.S. unit pricing communitie through June 1998 including their population, program type, and date of implementation as well as the 25 largest unit pricing communities in the U.S. and the container preference by state.

Lists unit pricing communities across the U.S. through 1995 including their population, program type, and date of implementation.
United Nations Environment Programme Economics and Trade Programme Exit EPA DisclaimerInternational organizationActivities, news, and events from the Economics and Trade Unit in UNEP's Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
US-Mexico Information Center on Air Pollution (CICA)EPA DatasetsContains summary ambient air quality data from monitors near the US-Mexican border for criteria and non-criteria pollutants.
U.S. Census Bureau--CES Working Paper SeriesGovernment -- U.S. non-EPAWorking papers from the U.S. Census Bureau's Center for Economic Studies
Water Quality Economics and BenefitsGovernment -- U.S. EPAEPA Water Office Program to improve the data and methods used for estimating the benefits of its water quality programs. 
West Coast Environmental Law Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profitIncludes extensive publications by organization devoted to promoting environmental law reform
Workshop on Market Based Approaches to Environmental Policy Exit EPA DisclaimerEducationalPrograms and papers presented at two 1998 conferences
World Bank Environmental Economics and Indicators Exit EPA DisclaimerInternational organizationIncludes sections on Environmental Valuation Green Accounting
World Bank New Ideas in Pollution Regulation Exit EPA DisclaimerInternational organizationWorld Bank Economics of Industrial Pollution research project
World Bank Policy Research Working Papers: Abstracts, Environmentally Sustainable Development Exit EPA DisclaimerInternational organizationListing of World Bank working papers with both abstracts and downloadable PDF files.
World Bank Working Papers Exit EPA DisclaimerInternational organizationThe Policy Research Working Paper Series disseminates findings of work in progress
World Resources Institute Business and Economics Exit EPA DisclaimerNon-profit"Global Topics" page for WRI's Sustainable Enterprise Program
World Trade Organization Trade-and-the-Environment Material on the WTO Website Exit EPA DisclaimerInternational organizationWide variety of material on trade and environment issues

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