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Axelrad, Daniel

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Staff Profiles by Research Interest

Current Research Interests:
Children's environmental health
Environmental health indicators
Human health risk assessment and economic benefits analysis integration
Job Title:
Environmental Scientist
Science Policy and Analysis Division
Joined Program:
M.P.P., Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government
Previous Experience:
Economist, US EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, 1987-1993
Selected Publications:
"Calculating Summary Statistics for Population Chemical Biomonitoring in Women of Childbearing Age With Adjustment for Age-Specific Natality"
with Cohen J. in Environmental Research, 2011 January; 111(1):149-155.

"Estimating the Benefits of Reducing Hazardous Air Pollutants: Summary of 2009 Workshop and Future Considerations" with Gwinn MR, Craig J., Cook R, Dockins C, Fann N, Fegley R, Guinnup DE, Helfand G, Hubbell B, Mazur SL, Palma T, Smith RL, Vandenberg J, Sonawane B. Environmental Health Perspectives, 2011 January; 119(1):125-130.

"Evaluating Cumulative Organophosphorus Pesticide Body Burden of Children: A National Case Study" (with Devon Payne-Sturges, Jonathan Cohen, Rosemary Castorina, and Tracey Woodruff), Environmental Science and Technology, October 15, 2009; 43(20):7924-7930.

"PCB body burdens in U.S. women of childbearing age 2001-2002: An evaluation of alternate summary metrics of NHANES data" (with Stephanie Goodman and Tracey Woodruff), Environmental Research, May 2009; 109(4):368-378.

"Moving Upstream: Evaluating Adverse Upstream Endpoints for Improved Risk Assessment and Decision-Making" (with 26 co-authors), Environmental Health Perspectives, November 2008,116(11):1568-1575.

"Dose-response relationship of prenatal mercury exposure and IQ: An integrative analysis of epidemiologic data" (with David Bellinger, Louise Ryan, and Tracey Woodruff), Environmental Health Perspectives, 2007 Apr; 115 (4):609–615.

"Estimating Risk from Ambient Concentrations of Acrolein across the United States" (with Tracey Woodruff, Ellen Wells, Elizabeth Holt, and Deborah Burgin), Environmental Health Perspectives,2007 Mar; 115 (3):410–415.

"Estimated Daily Phthalate Exposures in a Population of Mothers of Male Infants Exhibiting Reduced Anogenital Distance" (with K. Marsee, T.J. Woodruff, A.M. Calafat, and S.H. Swan), Environmental Health Perspectives, June 2006; 114(6):805-809.

"Integrated Assessment of Environment and Health: America's Children and the Environment" (with AD Kyle and T.J. Woodruff), Environmental Health Perspectives, March 2006;114(3):447-452.

"Risk Assessment for Benefits Analysis: Framework for Analysis of a Thyroid-Disrupting Chemical." (with K Baetcke, C Dockins, CW Griffiths, RN Hill, P Murphy, N Owens, NB Simon, and LK Teuschler), Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 2005 Jun 11-25; 68(11-12):837-55.

"Trends in Environmentally Related Childhood Illnesses" (with T.J. Woodruff, Amy D. Kyle, Onyemaechi Nweke and Gregory G. Miller), Pediatrics, April 2004, 113(Supplement 4):1133-40.

"An analysis of candidates for addition to the Clean Air Act list of hazardous air pollutants." (with Sonya Lunder and T.J. Woodruff), Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association February 2004, 54(2):157-71.

“Linking Economics and Risk Assessment” (with Chris Dockins, Charles Griffiths, Nicole Owens, and Nathalie Simon), Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 67(8-10): 611-620, 2004.

America's Children and the Environment: Measures of Contaminants, Body Burdens, and Illnesses. (with T.J. Woodruff, Amy D. Kyle, Onyemaechi Nweke, Gregory G. Miller). United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Economics and Innovation and Office of Children's Health Protection, EPA Report 240-R-03-001. February 2003.

“What to Do at Low Doses: A Bounding Approach for Economic Analysis” (with Charles W. Griffiths, Chris Dockins, Nicole Owens, and Nathalie B. Simon), Risk Analysis: An International Journal, 22(4): 679-688, 2002.

America’s Children and the Environment: A First View of Available Measures ( with T.J. Woodruff and A.D. Kyle). United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Economics and Innovation and Office of Children’s Health Protection, EPA 240-R-00-006. December 2000.

"Estimating cancer risk from outdoor concentrations of hazardous air pollutants in 1990." (with T.J. Woodruff, J.C. Caldwell, and V.J. Cogliano), Environmental Research, 2000, Vol. 82, 194-206.

"Cumulative Exposures to Food Contaminants across the United States" (with C.P. Dougherty, S.H. Holtz, J.C. Reinert, L. Panyacosit, and T.J. Woodruff), Environmental Research, October, 2000.

"Air Toxics and Health Risks in California; The Public Health Implications of Outdoor Concentrations" (with R.A. Morello-Frosch, T.J. Woodruff, and J.C. Caldwell), Risk Analysis, vol. 20, pp. 273-291, 2000.

"National estimates of outdoor air toxics concentrations." (with A.S. Rosenbaum, T.J. Woodruff, Y.H. Wei, M.P. Ligocki, and J.P. Cohen)Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association. October 1999, Vol. 49, 1138-52.

"Assessment of estimated 1990 air toxics concentrations in urban areas in the United States" (with R. Morello-Frosch, T.J. Woodruff, and J. Caldwell), Environmental Science & Policy, 1999.

"Public Health Implications of 1990 Air Toxics Concentrations Across the United States" (with T.J. Woodruff, J. Caldwell, R. Morello-Frosch, and A. Rosenbaum) Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 106, No. 5, pp. 245-251, May 1998.

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