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Newbold, Stephen

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Current Research Interests:
Climate change
Non-market valuation
Recreation demand modeling
ecosystem services
bioeconomic modeling
Job Title:
Research and Program Support Division
Joined Program:
Ph.D., Ecology, University of California - Davis, 2002
Previous Experience:
Research assistant and teaching assistant, University of California - Davis, 1996-2002.

Intern, Resources for the Future, 1999-2000.
Selected Publications:
“Examining the health-risk tradeoffs of mandatory bicycle helmet laws.” Risk Analysis 32(5):791-798, (2012).

"Potential biodiversity benefits from international programs to reduce carbon emissions from deforestation" (with J. Siikamaki). Ambio: A Journal of the Human Environment 41(1) Supplement 1:78-89, (2012).

"U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Valuation of Surface Water Quality Improvements" (with Charles W. Griffiths, Heather Klemick, Matt Massey, Chris Moore, David Simpson, Patrick Walsh, and William Wheeler). Review of Environmental Economics and Policy.Vol 6 (1): pp. 130-146, 2012.

Recreation demand estimation and valuation in spatially connected systems (with Massey DM). Resource and Energy Economics 32:222-240, (2010).

"Temperature response uncertainty and the benefits of climate change policies" (with Daigneault A). Environmental and Resource Economics 44:351-377, (2009).

"Prioritizing conservation activities using reserve site selection and population viability analysis" (with Siikamaki J). Ecological Applications 19(7):1774-1790 (2009).

"Biodiversity loss affects global disease ecology" (with Pongsiri MJ, Roman J, Ezenwa VO, Goldberg TL, Koren HS, Ostfeld RS, Pattanayak SK, Salkeld DJ). BioScience 59(11):945-954, 2009.

"Ecological sustainability in policy assessments: a wide-angle view and a close watch (with Richard Iovanna), Ecological Economics 63: 639-648, (2007).

"Effects of Density-independent Mortality on Populations and Ecosystems: Application to Cooling Water Withdrawals (with Richard Iovanna), Ecological Applications 17(2):390-406, (2007).

"Impacts of cooling water withdrawals on fish populations at a regional scale," (with Richard Iovanna), Environmental Science & Technology 41 :2108-2114, (2007).

"Valuing water quality changes using a bioeconomic model of a coastal recreational fishery” (with M. Massey), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 52:482-500.

"The benefits and costs of informal sector pollution control: Mexican brick kilns" (with A. Blackman, J-S Shih, D. Evans, J. Cook, M. Batz). Environment and Development Economics , 11:603-227 (2006).

“The Benefits and Costs of Informal Sector Pollution Control: Traditional Mexican Brick Kilns in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico” (with Blackman A, J-S Shih, J. Cook, D. Evans). In Small Firms and the Environment in Developing Countries: Collective Impacts in Collective Action, ed. Allen Blackman. Resources for the Future (2006). [An earlier version of this paper can be found at: http://www.rff.org/Documents/RFF-DP-00-46.pdf]

“A combined hydrologic simulation and landscape design model to prioritize sites for wetlands restoration.“ Environmental Modeling and Assessment, (2005) 10:251-263.

"How academic economists can improve benefit transfers at EPA" (with S. Lovell, N. Owens, TJ Wyatt). Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE) Newsletter 24(2):25-28, (2004). http://www.aere.org/newsletter/Newsletter_Nov04.pdf

"Using species-habitat models to target conservation: a case study with breeding mallards" (with J.M. Eadie). Ecological Applications 14(5):1384-1393.

"Integrated Modeling for Watershed Management: Multiple Objectives and Spatial Effects," Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 38(2):341-353 (2002).

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