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Manale, Andrew

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Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles by Research Interest

Current Research Interests:
Agriculture and environmental policy
Greenhouse gas mitigation
Wetland policy
Job Title:
Progam Analyst
Science Policy and Analysis Division
Joined Program:
Masters of Public Policy, University of California -- Berkeley, 1981
MS Biochemistry, University of California -- San Francisco, 1978
Previous Experience:
Senior Policy Analyst, Wallace Center for Agricultural and Environmental Policy at Winrock International

Legislative Assistant, Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota,

President, APM Associates (consulting firm)

Assistant Director, California State Council on Developmental Disabilities

Air Pollution Specialist, California Air Resources Board

Financial Manager, Shizumi Dance Theatre
Selected Publications:
“Agriculture and the conservation of wildlife biodiversity – comparative analysis of policies in the USA and the EU,” (with Nischke, Heike, Osterburg, Bernhard) in Transatlantic Methods for Handling Global Challenges, a report of the European Commission Project on Managing Biosafety and Biodiversity in a Global World - EU, US, California and Comparative Perspectives, Belgium, Center for Global Governance, 2009.

“Crop Residues: The Rest of the Story” (with Karlen, Douglas; Lal, Rattan; Follett, Ronald; Kimble, John; Hatfield, Jerry; Miranowski, John; Cambardella, Cindy; Doran, John; Baker, John; Rice, Charles); in Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, in press.

“Chapter 20: New Policy Directions, “in Nitrogen in the Environment: Sources, Problems, and Management, ed. by R. F. Follett and J.L. Hatfield, Elsevier Verlag, New York, second edition, New York, 2008.

"Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) and Adaptive Management, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, vol 63, no. 6, Ankeny, Iowa, fall/winter 2008.

"Soil Carbon and the Mitigation of the Risks of Flooding in J.M. Kimble, C.W. Rice, D. Reed, S. Mooney, R.F. Follett, and R. Lal, ed., Soil Carbon Management: Economic, Environmental, and Society Benefits, CRC Press, Baton Rouge, 2007.

"Agriculture and the Developing World: Intensive Animal Production, a Growing Environmental Problem in Georgetown International Environmental Law Review, vol. XIX, Summer 2007.

"Trends in Agricultural Management and Land Use and the Risk of Foodborne Disease in Food Consumption and Disease Risk: Consumer-Pathogen Interactions, ed. Morris Potter, Woodhead Pub., New York, 2006.

"Accountability in Farm Bill Conservation Programs: How Do We Know What We Are Paying for?" Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, November 2003.

"Assuring Accountability for Conservation Programs at Multiple Scales," Proceedings of the 2003 Annual Meetings of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resource Societies (2003).

"Why the Controversy over GMOs in foods in the European Union," International Environmental Reporter, Bureau of National Affairs, March 24, 2003.

"Public Policy Issues in Soil Carbon Trading in Agricultural Practices and Policies for Carbon Sequestration in Soil," chapter 35 in J.M Kimble, R. Lal, and R.F. Follett (eds.). Lewis Publishing: Washington, DC (2002).

"Flood and Water Quality Management through Targeted, Temporary Restoration of Landscape Functions: Paying Upland Farmers to Control Runoff," Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 55:3 (2000).

"Approaches to Assessing Carbon Credits and Identifying Trading Mechanisms," in R. Lal, J.M. Kimble, R.F. Follett, and B.A. Stewart (eds), Assessment Methods for Soil Carbon. Lewis Publishers: Washington, DC, (2001).

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Environmental Performance Reviews: Korea, "Part II, Integration of Policies: Environmental and Economic Policies," Paris, France, (1997).

"A Soil and Water Conservation Policies in Central Europe" (with A. Bousaher), Journal of the International Soil and Water Conservation Society (1998).

"Impact of the 1996 Food Quality Protection Act on Water and Soil Conservation Policies," Journal of the International Soil and Water Conservation Society (1998).

"An Analytical Framework for Multiple Attribute Comparisons of Pesticide Risks and Benefits: The Case of the Corn Rootworm Insecticides" (with P.W. Gassman), in T. Robertson, B. English, and R. Alexander (eds.), Evaluating Natural Resource Use in Agriculture: Analytical Tools Now and into the Future. University of Tennessee Instititute of Agriculture Press, Knoxville, TN.

"CEEPES: an Evolving System for Agroenvironmental Police" (with A. Bouzaher, R. Cabe, S. Johnson, and J. Shogren) , in J. Milon and J. Shogren (eds.), Integrating Economic and Ecologic Indicators: Practical Methods for Environmental Policy Analysis. Praeger Publishing: Westport, CT, (1995).

"Use of a Linked Biophysical and Economic Modeling System to Evaluate Risk-Benefit Tradeoffs of Corn Herbicide Use in the Midwest" (with A. Bouzaher, J. Shogren, P. Gassman, D. Holtkamp) in M. Leng, E. Leovery, and P. Zubkoff (eds.), Agrochemical Environmental Fate. Lewis Publishers: New York, NY, (1995).

"Who Makes Pesticide Use Decisions: Implications for Policymakers" (with D. Zilberman, D. Sunding, M. Dobler, and M. Campbell), in Pesticide Use and Produce Quality, proceedings of a workshop sponsored by the Agricultural and Food Marketing Consortium and the Farm Foundation, (1994).

"Opportunities Available to the Vertical Integrator or Food Processor to Achieve Water Quality Benefits in the Dairy and Poultry Industries" (with C. Narrod, and E. Trachtenberg), Proceedings of the 1994 Environmentally Friendly Agriculture Conference sponsored by the University of Florida at Gainesville, Florida (1994).

Agricultural Atrazine Use and Water Quality: a CEEPES Analysis of Policy Options, USEPA-289-9043,(1993).

"Agriculture and the Environment in Central and Eastern Europe," International Environmental Reporter, Bureau of National Affairs, June 1993.

An Overview of Fruit and Vegetable Standards Relating to Cosmetic Appearance and Pesticide Use, USEPA-OPPE, pub. # 21P-2006, May 1992.

Baltimore Integrated Environmental Management Project: Phase I Report, USEPA-OPPE, May 1987.

Baltimore Integrated Environmental Management Project: Phase II Ambient Air Toxics Report, USEPA-OPPE, 1992.

"European Community Programs to Control of Nitrate Emissions from Agricultural Activities," International Environmental Reporter, Bureau of National Affairs, June 1991.

"Use of a Linked Biophysical and Economic Modelling System to Evaluate Risk-Benefit Tradeoffs of Corn Herbicide Use in the Midwest" (with A. Bouzaher, J. Shogren, P. Gassman, D. Holtkamp, and R.Case), Proceedings of the American Chemical Society.

Control of Pesticide Residues in Food Products: the California Program of Pesticide Regulation (with D. Marquart), prepared for the California Commission on Government Organization and Economy, Sacramento, 1985.
Other Activities:
natural resource management on private lands
integration of science and policy for decision-makers

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