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Evans, David A.

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Current Research Interests:
Regulatory design/instrument choice and incentives
Economic incentives for pollution control
Electricity sector modeling/analysis
Multi-pollutant control strategies
Job Title:
Benefits Assessment and Methods Development Division
Joined Program:
Ph.D., Economics, University of Maryland, 2007
M.S., Agricultural, Resource and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois, 1999
Previous Experience:
Research Associate/Assistant, Resources for the Future, Jan. 2001 – Aug. 2007
Selected Publications:
“Are Energy Efficiency Standards Justified?” (with Ian W.H. Parry, David Evans and Wallace E. Oates) Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 67:104–125. (2014).

“Valuation of Ecosystem Services in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.” (with H. Spencer Banzhaf, Dallas Burtraw, Susie Chung Criscimagna, Bernard J. Cosby, Alan Krupnick, and Juha Siikamäki.) Resources for the Future Discussion Paper 14-16, (2014).

“What Can We Learn from the End of the Grand Policy Experiment? The Collapse of the National SO2 Trading Program and Implications for Tradable Permits as a Policy Instrument.” (with Richard T. Woodward.) Annual Review of Resource Economics. 5:325–48 (2013).

“Using Ecosystem Services to Inform Decisions on U.S. Air Quality Standards.” (with Anne Rea, Christine Davis, Brian Heninger, and George Van Houtven.) Environmental Science & Technology. 46:6481−6488, (2012).

“Development of an Ambient Air Quality Index.” (with Richard Scheffe, Jeffry Arnold, Christine Davis, and others.) EM. September. 16-22. (2011).

“The Evolving SO2 Allowance Market Title IV, CAIR, and Beyond.” (with K. Palmer). RFF Weekly Policy Commentary. July 13, 2009. (Also available in Issues of the Day: 100 Commentaries on Climate, Energy, the Environment, Transportation and Public Health Policy, Resources for the Future Press, 2010).

“The Clean Air Mercury Rule.” In Reforming Regulatory Impact Analysis, W. Harrington, L. Heinzerling, and R.D. Morgenstern, Eds. (2009).

“Tradable Rights to Emit Air Pollution.” (with D. Burtraw). The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 53(1):59-84, (2009). (Also available as Resources for the Future Discussion Paper 08-08.)

“Determining the Extent of Market and Extent of Resource for Stated Preference Survey Design Using Mapping Methods” (with S.P. Vajjhala and A. Mische John). NCEE Working Paper #08-09, (2008). (Also available as Resources for the Future Discussion Paper 08-14.)

“Summary of Workshop on Sample Representativeness and Government Approval of Stated Preference Surveys” (with A. Krupnick). Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE) Newsletter. 28(1): 26-31, (2008).

“Valuing Benefits from Ecosystem Improvements using Stated Preference Methods: An Example from Reducing Acidification in the Adirondacks Park” (with H.S. Banzhaf, D. Burtraw, A.J. Krupnick and J. Siikamaki). In Saving Biological Diversity: Balancing Protection of Endangered Species and Ecosystems, R.A. Askins, G.D. Dreyer, G.R. Visgilio, and D.M. Whitelaw, Eds. (2008).

“Modeling the Effects of Changes in New Source Review on National SO2 and NOX Emissions from Electricity-Generating Units” (with B.F. Hobbs, C.N. Oren and K. Palmer). Environmental Science and Technology, 42(2): 347-353 (2008).

“Where's the Sky's Limit? Lessons from Chicago's Cap and Trade Program” (with J.A. Kruger). Environment, 49(2):18-32 (2007).

“Valuation of Natural Resource Improvements in the Adirondacks,” (with H.S. Banzhaf, D. Burtraw, and A. Krupnick). Land Economics, 82(3):445-464 (2006).

“The Benefits and Costs of Informal Sector Pollution Control: Mexican Brick Kilns” (with A. Blackman, J-S Shih, S. Newbold, J. Cook, M. Batz). Environment and Development Economics, 11:603-227 (2006).

“Economics of Pollution Trading for SO2 and NOX” (with D. Burtraw, A. Krupnick, K. Palmer, R. Toth). Annual Review of Environment and Resources, Vol. 30 (2005).

“Forever Wild, But Do We Care? How New Yorkers Value Natural Resource Improvement” (with H.S. Banzhaf, D. Burtraw and A. Krupnick). Resources, 158, (Summer 2005).

“NOX Emissions in the United States: A Potpourri of Policies” (with D. Burtraw). In Choosing Environmental Policy: Comparing Instruments and Outcomes in the United States and Europe, W. Harrington, R. Morgenstern, T. Sterner, Eds. (2004).

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