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R10 Strategic Planning

2007-2011 Region 10 Strategy

Information at this link provided for reference purposes onlyNote: This information is provided for reference purposes only. Although the information provided here was accurate and current when first created, it is now outdated.

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2005 Region 10 Commitments (PDF) (165 pp. 568K)
2005 Commitment Tracking Information (164K About XLS)
2006 Region 10 Commitments (PDF) (66 pp. 286K)
2006 Commitment Tracking Information (131K About XLS)

Region 10 is committed to implementing and supporting the goals of cleaner air, purer water and protecting and restoring the land. The character and approach of how best to implement these goals is clearly affected by regional and local conditions. Achieving environmental improvements requires concerted partnerships with State and local environmental agencies, Tribes, public interest groups and other federal agencies. In this Regional Plan, Region 10 sets out our approach to fulfilling our national commitments and addressing regionally significant issues.

National Strategic Plan

This link is to the web page that contains EPA's national strategic plan. On this page the user has the option to view the entire plan (284 pages) or specific chapters.

Region 10 Plan
Due to the size of the Region 10 plan, the table of contents below contains links to specific sections in pdf format.
Table of Contents
Executive Summary (PDF) (4 pp. 67K)
Section 1 - Regional Overview (PDF) (7 pp. 74K)
Section II - Regional Strategies for Achieving National Goals and Objectives
Section III - Cross-Goal Strategies and Issues (PDF) (6 pp. 82K)
Section IV - Regional Accountability (PDF) (2 pp. 31K)
Section V - State and Tribal Partnerships (PDF) (4 pp. 73K)
Section VI - Brief Overview of Region 10's Six Priorities (PDF) (4 pp. 60K)
Appendix A - EPA/STATE Joint Pilot Projects (PDF) (13 pp. 90K)
Appendix B - Annual Performance Goals for 2005 (Under Development)
Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations (PDF) (4 pp. 32K)
Long-Range Measures

Goal 1 Clean Air
Goal 2 Clean and Safe Water
Goal 3 Land Preservation and Restoration
Goal 4 Healthy Communities and Ecosystems
Goal 5 Compliance and Environmental Stewardship

Local Navigation

URL: http://yosemite.epa.gov/R10/omp.nsf/Programs/R10StrategicPlanning

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