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Public Comment Opportunities in Region 10

Public NoticesComments DueLocation
Proposed Issuance of a Wastewater Discharge Permit to U.S. Navy Arctic Ice CampOctober 5, 2015Deadhorse, Alaska
Proposed Penalty Against Moyle Mink and Tannery, Inc. For Clean Water Act ViolationsOctober 8, 2015Heyburn, Idaho
Proposed Issuance of an NPDES General Permit for Offshore Seafood Processors Off Coasts of Oregon and Washington October 8, 2015Federal waters off Oregon and Washington
Proposed Corrective Action Plan for Signal Peak Ranger Station on the Yakama Indian ReservationOctober 9, 2015Yakama Indian Reservation, Washington
Proposed Reissuance of a Wastewater Discharge Permit to Independent Meat Company Wastewater Facility October 21, 2015Twin Falls, Idaho
Proposed Permits for Sewage Treatment Plants Operated by the City of Caldwell, City of Meridian, and City of Nampa October 21, 2015 (extended from September 21)Caldwell, Meridian, Nampa, Idaho
Proposed Reissuance of Wastewater Discharge Permit to the City of Aderdeen, IdahoOctober 30, 2015Aberdeen, Idaho

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