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Regional Priorities - Clean-up of Contaminated Sites

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

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Our Goal: To protect public health and the environment from uncontrolled releases of hazardous substances to the environment.

Numerous sites of contamination - by old mining wastes, metals, organic and inorganic chemicals, and other hazardous substances - exist throughout the region. These sites present human health risks through releases to soil, air, ground and surface waters, and sediment. Additionally, many sites also threaten sensitive habitats for fish and wildlife. EPA Region 10 has already completed clean-up:
  • at 55 of 94 Superfund National Priorities List Sites;
  • at 22 of 100 RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) Corrective Action Sites;
  • at 9,800 of 16,000 LUST (Leaking Underground Storage Tank) Sites (including 84 of 131 on tribal lands); and
  • at 19 of 34 federal facility sites that are Superfund National Priorities List and/ or RCRA Corrective Action Sites.
Environmental Outcomes by 2007
  • Clean-up projections for Superfund National Priorities List, high priority RCRA Corrective Action, and leaking underground storage tank sites have been achieved.
  • Human exposure to contaminants is controlled to acceptable levels at 95% of high priority RCRA Corrective Action sites.
  • The spread of contaminated ground water is controlled at 70% of high priority RCRA Corrective Action sites.
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From the Regional Administrator

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NPL Cleanup Status
Region 10

The Focus of Our Efforts
Our focus is on cleaning up sites contaminated by: Additionally, Region 10 is committed to integrating the concept of land revitalization and reuse into the process of clean-up through programs such as
Removals/Emergency Response

Environmental Indicators for Measuring Success
RCRA Corrective Action
Environmental Indicator Progress

Key Actions: Next 1-2 Years

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