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Federal Facilities

Federal facilities, like all members of the regulated community, are responsible for complying with environmental requirements. The EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assistance's (OECA - HQ), the Federal Facilities Enforcement Office (FFEO - HQ) and the ten regional offices work with federal agencies to help them comply with environmental requirements and take all necessary actions to prevent, control and abate environmental pollution.

The President expects ALL federal agencies to be leaders in environmental compliance. It is EPA's goal to assist all federal agencies in reaching a level of compliance with environmental requirements that equals or surpasses the rest of the regulated community though the use of several tools including compliance assistance, compliance monitoring and enforcement when necessary. EPA's National and Regional federal facility program has the responsibility to provide technical advice and assistance to federal facilities to ensure their cost effective and timely compliance with applicable requirements.

Region 10's Federal Facility program assists federal agency personnel in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington state with achieving environmental compliance and beyond by providing training in EMS and media specific areas where possible, compliance assistance and tools as well as media specific technical assistance contacts for federal requirements.
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