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Tillamook Bay Integrated River Management Strategy

This page contains the Tillamook Bay Integrated River Management Strategy study and its appendices in Adobe Acrobat format. The report, even in that format, is very large. So in addition to the full report (first), we have separated it into its individual chapters. You may wish to download the table of contents, first, and then decide which chapters you would like to read. The appendices, which are NOT included the full report that is posted on this page, can also be downloaded separately.

If you have technical questions concerning the content of this report, you may contact John Gabrielson at the U.S. EPA (his information is at the bottom of this page) or Kevin Coulton the principal author (a contract consultant). Mr. Coulton's e-mail is kcoulton@watershedconcepts.com.

If you have difficulty downloading these documents, you may contact Mr. Steve Wille at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Portland, Oregon. He may be reached by electronic mail at Steve_Wille@r1.fws.gov.

Chapter Title
Tillamook Bay Integrated River Management Strategy-Full Report (no appendices), 17.9 MBTillamook_River_Strategy_final_report.pdf
Table of Contents, 136 KBTable_of_Contents.PDF
Abbreviations, 39 KBAbbreviations.PDF
Chapter 1-Introduction, 100 KBTIRMS_Ch01.pdf
Chapter 2-Conclusions and Recommendations, 249 KBTIRMS_Ch02.pdf
Chapter 3-River Systems, 634 KBTIRMS_Ch03.pdf
Chapter 4-Regional Overview of Flood Risk and Salmon Distribution, 2.1 MBTIRMS_Ch04.pdf
Chapter 5-History and Effects of Human Interventions, 346 KBTIRMS_Ch05.pdf
Chapter 6-1-Regional Precipitation and Climate, 538 KBTIRMS_Ch06-1.pdf
Chapter 6-2-Basin Landform, 1.6 MBTIRMS_Ch06-2.pdf
Chapter 6-3-River Hydrology, 340 KBTIRMS_Ch06-3.pdf
Chapter 6-4-River and Tidal Hydraulics, 2.4 MBTIRMS_Ch06-4.pdf
Chapter 6-5-Vegetation, 584 KBTIRMS_Ch06-5.pdf
Chapter 6-6-River Morphology, 890 KBTIRMS_Ch06-6.pdf
Chapter 6-7-Salmon Habitat and Distribution, 1.0 MBTIRMS_Ch06-7.pdf
Chapter 6-8-Human Land Uses and Flood Risk, 1.4 MBTIRMS_Ch06-8.pdf
Chapter 7-Constraints and Opportunities, 181 KB
Figures (4.3 MB)
TIRMS_Ch07.pdf TIRMS_Ch07Figures.pdf
Chapter 8-An Integrated River Management Strategy, 729 KBTIRMS_Ch08.pdf
Chapter 9-References, 74 KBReferences.PDF
Chapter 10-Acknowledgements, 54 KBAknowledgements.PDF
Chapter 11-Contributors, 56 KBPreparers.PDF
Appendix A-Technical Appendices, 13.6 MBTIRMS_AppA.pdf
Appendix B-Riparian Habitat Characterization, 980 KBgpc_pdf.pdf

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