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Air Permits

National Air Permits Information
Air Permits Where You Live

Fourteen federal, state, and local agencies issue air permits to stationary industrial sources in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Click on the map to find information about air permitting authorities in your area.  Map of EPA Region 10 Air permit agencies in Alaska Air permit agencies in Idaho Air permit agencies in Oregon Air permit agencies in Washington

Region 10 Air Permits Team Contacts

NameProgram AreaPhoneFaxE-mail
Don DossettAir Permits and Diesel Unit, Manager(206) 553-1783(206)
Herman WongAir Quality Modeling(206) 553-4858(206)
Natasha GreavesEnergy-Related Permits(206) 553-7079(206)
Julie VergerontLegal (Title V/NSR)(206) 553-1497(206)
Julie MatthewsLegal (NSR)(206) 553-1169(206)
Bryan HoltropNSR/PSD Construction Permits,
Non-Title V Permits and Tribal NSR Permits
(206) 553-4473(206)
Doug HardestyTitle V Operating Permits(208) 378-5759(208)
Dan MeyerTitle V Operating Permits(206) 553-4150(206)
Lucita ValiereTitle V Program Approvals & Permit Petitions(206) 553-8087(206)
Steve ScottTitle V (Part 71) Fees(206) 553-0692(206)

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