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Sustainable Communities Start with Healthy and Green Homes Workshop

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Hear experts talk about energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and affordable ways to weatherize your home.

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Better housing results in better health

Workshop Overview
On February 2-3, 2011, EPA and the Puget Sound Chapter of the Pacific Northwest International Section (PNWIS) of the Air & Waste Management Association presented this two-day workshop on the connections between the homes and communities where we live and the impact they have on our health. Guest speakers and attendees from health, housing, green building, and sustainability came together to share what has worked and what the future looks like.

Agenda: Agenda for Healthy and Green Homes Workshop (PDF) (2 pp, 94K)

Speakers: Speakers and Presentation Summaries (PDF) (16 pp, 164K)

Workshop Track Descriptions:

  • Indoor Air Quality and Health - People spend over 90% of their time indoors, and indoor air pollution can reach 100 times the concentration as outdoor air. Where you live, work, and go to school can have an impact on your health. Learn how you can identify indoor air pollution sources and ways to mitigate and improve your indoor air.
  • Homes, Indoor airPLUS and Energy Star - Learn all the new and exciting improvement and upgrades for existing homes, new energy saving features for new homes (ENERGY STAR and Home Star), and options to improve healthy indoor living (Indoor airPLUS). ENERGY STAR, and Home Star
  • Green Buildings - How can we improve our current buildings to make them more energy efficient? Learn more about LEED and Built Green programs and other technologies you could do to make you building healthier, more energy efficient and marketable.
  • Sustainable Communities - Learn from city planners and urban developers on sustainable community designs. Concepts to improve a community's accessibility.
For more information: Contact Susan Titus ( at 206-553-1189.

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