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Troutdale Aquifer Comment Period

U. S. EPA Considers Request to Designate Troutdale Aquifer “Sole Source”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering a request to designate an aquifer system in Clark County, Washington a “sole source aquifer.” A sole source aquifer is an underground water supply designated by EPA as the only or principal source of drinking water for an area. The system being considered is commonly known as the Troutdale Aquifer System, and lies beneath about one half of Clark County.

The petitioners state that the aquifer system provides 99% of the drinking water to people living over the aquifer area. They also state that there are no other sources of drinking water nearby that would be economically feasible to develop.

EPA's Draft Support Document (840kb, 27pp, pdf document) - describes how the aquifer meets the sole source designation criteria.

EPA will consider comments related to the aquifer system boundaries, drinking water use calculations, and other drinking water sources. A designation allows EPA to review and approve federally funded projects which could contaminate the aquifer.

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