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UIC Permits for the North Slope

EPA has issued Class I Underground Injection Control permits for the subsurface injection of non-hazardous industrial wastes associated with oil development on the North Slope.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

ARCO - "Pad 3"
Permit number AK-1I003-I was issued to Arco in August 1989 and remains in effect until August 1999. It authorizes discharges through 3 injection wells located on a single pad ("Pad 3") to the Sagavanirktok formation at a depth of about 2000 feet.

Arco Permit AK-1I003-I (32k .pdf)
On July 16, 1999, EPA proposed to reissue the above permit as AK-1I004-A to authorize continued discharges through 2009. Here are the draft permit and a Fact Sheet explaining the basis of the permit conditions.

Modified Arco Permit AK-1I004-A (32k .pdf)
Background AK-1I003-I (16k .pdf)
BP - Badami
Permit number AK-1I001-A was issued to BP (British Petroleum) Exploration - Alaska effective August 22, 1997, and will remain in effect until the same date in 2007. This permit authorizes injection from one or two wells located at the Badami drill site into the Ungnu formation at a depth of about 7000 feet.

Permit AK-1I001-A (34k .pdf)
Background AK-1I001-A (21k .pdf)

Proposed Modified Permit AK-1I001-A (34k.pdf)
Background AK01I001-A (21k.pdf)
ARCO - Alpine
Permit number AK-1I003-A was issued to ARCO effective February 3, 1999, for the Alpine project in the Colville River Field in Alaska. The background document includes the Fact Sheet, a Response to Comments, and the permit transmittal letter which sets forth our expectations regarding initial operational mechanical integrity testing.

Permit AK-1I003-A Background (31k .pdf)

The Alpine UIC permit was modified effective February 14, 2000. ALPMODFS.pdf provides the background for this modification only. The background documentation for the rest of the permit is included in ALP-BACK.pdf, available above.

Modified Permit AK-1I003-A (38k .pdf)
Background Modified Permit AK-1I003-A (7.9mg .pdf)
BP - Northstar
Permit number AK-1I002-A was modified and reissued to BP (British Petroleum) Exploration - Alaska effective December 13, 2000, and will remain in effect until the same date in 2010.

Modified BP-Northstar Permit AK-1I002-A (33k.pdf)
Background Permit AK-1I002-A (9k.pdf)

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