State Operator Certification Program Initial Submittal Contents

  1. Attorney General's Certification. If signed by delegated counsel, include documentation of delegation of authority;

  2. Copies of statutes and regulations;

  3. Completed checklist/crosswalk;

  4. Description of the basis for classification of treatment facilities and/or distribution systems;

  5. Description of the renewal requirements for each classification level;

  6. Description of special renewal requirements for grandparented operators, if applicable;

  7. Documentation of exam validation;

  8. Description of how state plans to track compliance
    1. Total number of Community Water Systems
    2. Total number of CWSs without a certified operator
    3. Total number of Nontransient Noncommunity Water Systems
    4. Total number of NTNCWSs without a certified operator
    5. Total number of certified operators
    6. Total number of grandparented operators

  9. Description of how state plans to enforce its operator certification program;

  10. Description of program resources including;
    1. Staff
    2. Data management
    3. Testing
    4. Enforcement
    5. Administration
    6. Training approval
    7. Fee System

  11. Description of program review procedures;
    1. Internal reviews (recommended review frequency at least every three years)
    2. External reviews (recommended review frequency at least every five years)
    3. External reviews should include stakeholder involvement

  12. Plan for stakeholder involvement;

  13. Implementation schedule, including:
    1. Effective date of state's regulations;
    2. Deadline for system owner's to apply for grandparenting, if applicable;
    3. Date by which all systems will have a certified or grandparented operator
    4. Stakeholder involvement activities