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Tribal Consultation

EPA's Definition of Tribal Consultation

"Consultation" is a process of meaningful communication and coordination between EPA and tribal officials prior to EPA taking actions or implementing decisions that may affect tribes. As a process, consultation includes several methods of interaction that may occur at different levels. The appropriate level of interaction is determined by past and current practices, adjustments made through this Policy, the continuing dialogue between EPA and tribal governments, and program and regional procedures and plans.

Region 10 Tribal Consultation and Coordination

The EPA Policy on Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribes (May 4, 2011) established national guidelines and institutional controls for tribal consultation across EPA. To complement this National Policy, Region 10 developed the Region 10 Tribal Consultation and Coordination Procedures. The R1O Procedures apply to our interactions with federally recognized tribal governments, and establish guidelines for Region 10 to assist with the identification of situations appropriate for consultation, a determination of the what, when, and how of consultation, and the designation of specific EPA personnel responsible for consultation. The R1O Procedures promote consistency in the consultation process, and ensure that we meet our responsibilities to tribal governments.

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