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J.H. Baxter & Co.

On September 28, 2005, the RCRA program simultaneously commenced and concluded a case against J.H. Baxter & Co., a wood treating company that produces, among other things, utility poles that are treated with a solution that is made with pentachlorophenol. The Settlement agreement addresses violations discovered during inspections that took place in August and November 1999 at its wood treating operation in Arlington, Washington (EPA RCRA Site ID #WAD053823019). The counts addressed in this RCRA Consent Agreement and Final Order reflect alleged violation relating to disposal of listed hazardous waste F032 without a permit or interim status, failure to comply with conditions for accumulation of hazardous waste without a permit or interim status (including failure to minimize tracking of the drip pads and failure to label and close containers of hazardous waste), failure to have a written closure plan, and failure to have a written cost estimate for closure. In settlement of this case, Baxter has agreed to pay a cash penalty of $13,259, spend $64,624 to implement two pollution prevention SEPs, close units at which illegal disposal occurred, and to establish and maintain institutional controls.

Press Release - October 4, 2005

Consent Agreement and Final Order (CAFO) - September 28, 2005 - (PDF, 1.36 MB, 23 pgs.)
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