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Remedy Selection

This page presents documents related to selection of final cleanup remedies at Region 10-lead RCRA Corrective Action facilities. EPA expects that final remedies will be protective of human health and the environment and maintain protection over time. During the established public comment period, the public is invited to comment on EPA's proposed final remedy as documented in the Statement of Basis.

Hide details for UNIVAR (formerly Vopak, aka Van Waters & Rogers Inc)UNIVAR (formerly Vopak, aka Van Waters & Rogers Inc)
Public Comment Period: August 24 - September 22, 2006
PDFs contained here may have linked PDFs that are over 5MB in size.
Draft Public Notice (PDF, 1pp. 26KB)
Draft Statement of Basis (PDF, 30pp. 2.3MB)
Draft Fact Sheet (PDF, 4pp. 45KB)
Corrective Measures Study Report Volume 1 (PDF, 166pp. 991KB to start)
Corrective Measures Study Report Volume 2 (PDF, 3pp. 75KB to start)

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