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RCRA Authorization

RCRA State Authorization 101

Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments (HSWA) of 1984

Principles of State Authorization

Applying for State Authorization
  1. Statutes
  2. Rules
  3. Rule Checklists
  4. Attorney General's Statement
  5. Program Description
  6. Memorandum of Agreement
Interim Authorization
(40 CFR Part 271, Subpart B)

Final Authorization
  1. Fully equivalent to the Federal program (Section 3006(b))
  2. No less stringent than the Federal program (Section 3006(b))
  3. Consistent with the Federal program (Section 3009)

What Provisions Can EPA Enforce?

Termination of State Authorization

Current State Authorization Status

When is an Application Required?
  1. Initial program authorization
  2. Program revisions

Program Modifications

Type of Program Modifications
  1. Statutory amendments
  2. Regulatory changes
  3. Interpretation of legal authorities
  1. Statutory amendments
  2. Regulatory changes
  3. Administrative changes
  4. Legal changes

State Program Revisions in Response to Federal Changes

Federal Program Changes
State Program Revisions
Not Required
More Stringent
Less Stringent
Increase Scope
Decrease Scope

Process for State Initiated Program Modifications
  1. Consult with EPA about nature of modification
  2. EPA determines whether an application is necessary
  1. Submit for EPA review
  2. EPA provides opportunity for public comment

Timeframe for Modifications and Revision Applications
  1. Regions could, but generally do not, remove States from the authorization process for missing deadlines
  2. Survey conducted in 1993 identified lack of resources as a major impediment to the authorization process

The Authorization Application
  1. Program Description
  2. Memorandum of Agreement

(Adapted from a Program Presentation)

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