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Alaska Traditional Knowledge and Native Foods Project - 10/99

The goal of this project is to address the universal, fundamental fear among Alaska Tribes that their subsistence food sources are no longer safe to eat because they are contaminated by radio nuclides and other pollutants. Subsistence foods comprise up to one-third of the diet of Alaska Tribes and provide them with their main source of high quality protein. Wild harvests foods are also intimately linked to their cultures, spirituality and values. Thus, threats to these food sources has widespread implications for all federally-recognized tribes in Alaska.

Three key areas of this complex project are:

  • Using the Talking Circle to gather information from Tribal leaders, elders, hunters and Native experts across Alaska on their observations of changes to their environment and food sources and their recommendations for action.
  • Incorporating this Traditional Knowledge and western science in database on contaminants to subsistence foods.

    The grantee is working with tribal government, Native regional organizations, and other researchers to identify existing
    sources of information about:

    1. community concerns and recommendations
    2. cultural benefits of subsistence foods
    3. nutritional value of subsistence foods
    4. harvest of subsistence foods
    5. contamination of subsistence foods
    6. health effects of contaminants on animals and people
    7. grants and programs to address contaminant concerns

    More Information About the Project

    Alaska Traditional Knowledge and Native Foods Database

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