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Environmental Assessment

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Regional Information
Superfund Cleanup
Modeling and Monitoring
Quality Assurance
  • Analytical Methods A listing of EPA documents that contain the methods and information about where you can obtain the hard copy documents. Electronic copies of the EPA Contract Laboratory Program Statements of Work are located here.
  • Data Review Guidelines Electronic copies of the EPA Contract Laboratory Program Functional Guidelines for Data Validation, regional documents on data review of explosives, TCLP, and dioxin/furan analyses.
  • QA Reference Documents Links to National QA References documents and other EPA Program/Region QA-Related documents, Region 10 QA documents and references, and links to the Superfund Contract Lab Program (CLP) User's Guides.
  • Other Environmental QA links Standard Reference Materials and Performance Evaluation Samples (PES); Links to other EPA offices, State Environmental Agencies, and other QA-related entities.
  • Contact Gina Grepo-Grove (Grepo-Grove.Gina@epa.gov), EPA Region 10 QA Manager, for any quality assurance-related questions or concerns you may have or for assistance you may need.
Investigations and Inspections
Risk Assessment and Toxicology
Human Health Risk Assessment Ecological Risk Assessment

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