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Rivers and Streams

Rivers and Streams Information

In 1994, Region 10 began a partnership with the EPA Office of Research and Development and the states to begin to use an EMAP-type sampling approach in selected areas of interest to the Region called Regional EMAP (REMAP). In 2000-2004, we expanded our efforts to monitor and assess rivers and streams across the entire western U.S. in a project called Western EMAP. Streams in the eastern U.S. were sampled in 2004 to add to Western EMAP for the first ever National survey of wadeable streams.

In 2008 & 2009, EPA, the States and Tribes will begin a second national assessment of the rivers and streams. This website will include information on REMAP projects, Western EMAP and the 2008 National rivers and streams survey.

EMAP --Rivers and Streams

Measurements of water column parameters, physical habitat structure, riparian vegetation, biota (benthic macroinvertebrates and other organisms) and other data are combined to describe the current condition of rivers and streams. This high quality environmental data from streams and rivers will allow us to:

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